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2006-08-12Committing FS#5182 - One button hold for Horizontal screen scrolling.Shachar Liberman5-16/+46
2006-08-12Better UI response with playlist operations.Miika Pekkarinen5-4/+46
2006-08-12Fixed the warning.Miika Pekkarinen1-1/+0
2006-08-12Clean up the #ifdefs surrounding the definition of lcd_yuv_blit() and add an ...Dave Chapman1-4/+1
2006-08-12Fixed track order when inserting an album from tagcache to theMiika Pekkarinen1-1/+20
2006-08-11Better implementation of the new greyscale algorithm. A bit faster (+2% on iP...Jens Arnold2-524/+471
2006-08-11Fixed hold switch detection from bootloader when rockbox has beenMiika Pekkarinen1-1/+1
2006-08-11A typo caused lastplayed field to be unusable.Miika Pekkarinen1-1/+1
2006-08-11support for more detailed FM radio debug info and for X5 flash debugRani Hod1-3/+19
2006-08-11New algorithm for grayscale buffer updates which is faster for large buffer d...Jens Arnold2-715/+1858
2006-08-11Accepted FS #5786 by Michael Sevakis - lcd_yuv_blit() for X5.Rani Hod3-7/+4
2006-08-11'no voice' is -1 not 0 and menu_items does have a pointerMarcoen Hirschberg5-205/+205
2006-08-11don't assign NULL to a long (fixes sim build warnings)Marcoen Hirschberg5-205/+205
2006-08-11Properly handle early USB mode, dircache and tagcache state files withMiika Pekkarinen3-10/+16
2006-08-11Removed too much...Hristo Kovachev1-0/+1
2006-08-11Correct H10's #define indents, remove redundant linesHristo Kovachev1-25/+17
2006-08-11Patch #5731 by Barry Wardell: more iriver h10 work. Thanks!Hristo Kovachev4-0/+42
2006-08-10Only cast if value is used. This should fix a build warning.Antoine Cellerier1-1/+2
2006-08-10== -> =. this should fix a build warningAntoine Cellerier1-1/+1
2006-08-10FS#5784 - Strip extension from all filetypes in playlist viewerAntoine Cellerier1-7/+5
2006-08-10...nither sleep(0.2). thanks FS#5509 for letting me believe it isShachar Liberman1-3/+4
2006-08-10ON+NEXT make no sense.Shachar Liberman1-2/+2
2006-08-10Correct calculation of necessary buffer size to give maximum number of shades...Jens Arnold1-2/+9
2006-08-10star game: fix several menu pointer bugs, add the option to chooseShachar Liberman1-22/+89
2006-08-10Sudoku: Slightly smaller bitmaps for iPod Video and Gigabeat to make the boar...Jens Arnold4-6/+6
2006-08-10Only sync playlist once when adding bunch of files from tagcache.Miika Pekkarinen5-18/+32
2006-08-09oops, use proper pathsDaniel Stenberg1-4/+4
2006-08-09mpegplayer files addedDaniel Stenberg1-0/+4
2006-08-09Sudoku: * Changed the LCD size ifdef magic to ease adding of new LCD resoluti...Jens Arnold13-88/+167
2006-08-09ARM targets: Shave off one instruction from the multiply-by-75.Jens Arnold2-6/+4
2006-08-09fix button mappings for the gigabeatMarcoen Hirschberg3-6/+22
2006-08-09fix scroll speed on the gigabeatMarcoen Hirschberg1-0/+4
2006-08-09Bootloader support to search firmware also from flash. Bootloader <->Miika Pekkarinen3-7/+12
2006-08-09Mandelbrot: * Asm optimisation for arm targets. * Proper aspect for all LCD r...Jens Arnold1-13/+45
2006-08-09Add STOP and PAUSE features (mapped to OFF/ON on iriver H300, MENU/PLAY on ip...Dave Chapman1-13/+64
2006-08-09Unload tagcache from ram when entering USB mode.Miika Pekkarinen3-0/+16
2006-08-09Warn before erasing dynamic playlist from tagcache.Miika Pekkarinen1-0/+14
2006-08-08Slightly optimised range_limit() for arm targets.Jens Arnold1-6/+5
2006-08-08Do the clipping with inline asm instead of a huge lookup table. Tiny speedup,...Jens Arnold1-0/+28
2006-08-08oops, bad mergeRani Hod1-2/+2
2006-08-08Accepted FS #5772 by Michael SevakisRani Hod5-7/+134
2006-08-08Implementation of lcd_yuv_blit() for the ipod 5g.Dave Chapman3-3/+6
2006-08-08mpegplayer FPS display: * Don't count the first frame if we don't know the de...Jens Arnold1-5/+10
2006-08-08Fix corrupted videos on target.Jens Arnold1-3/+3
2006-08-08H300: * Implemented lcd_yuv_blit(). Speeds up video playback by about 7%. No ...Jens Arnold3-16/+22
2006-08-08Use the film strip icon for .m2v (same as for .rvf)Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2006-08-08Add disktidy plugin (FS#2596).Dan Everton4-1/+484
2006-08-07Fix sim warnings.Jens Arnold1-4/+5
2006-08-07Initial commit of work-in-progress MPEG video player plugin based on libmpeg2...Dave Chapman25-2/+6220
2006-08-07Grayscale lib: Working screendump on iPod (target + sim).Jens Arnold1-2/+77