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25 hoursSkin engine: respect volume decimalizationAidan MacDonald1-1/+13
This is basically the same problem as FS#13272, except it happens on certain themes, eg. rayboradio. The issue only affects targets with decimal volume levels. Tested the fix using the rayboradio theme on the FiiO M3K and the Fuze+ simulator. Volume was displayed correctly on both. Change-Id: I9e035f7a3c04c85c9b3b01243c7f0a5f8f0ccf9f
2 dayslua print_table add ability to draw a line separatorWilliam Wilgus2-4/+16
allows you to draw a line between items Change-Id: I7e6e2f56738e12ff06d06a24f0f9d0769932a7b1
2 daysUpdate the english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-3/+17
Change-Id: I306fe06628ceee4efb6913cf0d4744a7fc8e814f
3 daysFix: Directory stream not closed in Shortcuts menuChristian Soffke1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ie653682f35945f334e1658804500467f76495fcc
3 daysFS#13272: Fix up volume_limit to respect decimilaztion.Solomon Peachy1-3/+10
Change-Id: Ib0e5ddcd660115f156ddb545e45bbe7da42f9709
3 daysmenu.c submenu items should be limited to MAX_MENU_SUBITEMSWilliam Wilgus1-1/+3
maybe someone is checking somewhere but pretty sure the error message is a buffer overflow Change-Id: I3b95db12bbbd4631223bbbbe540beb2d0dd984c6
3 daysFS#13285: Updated Italian Translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-17/+180
Change-Id: I248d92121fb76056add2b533681aff27a6c58dd7
3 dayslist: After drawing scrollbars, explcitly switch back to old viewport.Solomon Peachy1-1/+2
The viewport used for the scrollbar is allocated on the stack, and falls out of scope before the next call to set_viewport(), which sets a flag in the now-out-of-scope "last" viewport. Change-Id: I2c8bfcff500d189fa3857411aadc2e16aa545d2c
5 daysAdd ability to always have autolock onDana Conrad4-16/+38
Tested on ErosQ Added a setting in the Advanced Softlock menu to always have autolock on, rather than having to "arm" it with the softlock button. Lock/Unlock still works the same with this on, but when the screen turns off, the device always ends up in the locked state. Requires Autolock On to be set as well, and the normal Autolock functionality is unchanged with this off. Caveat: the power/softlock button must be pressed at least once after powering on the device or enabling the feature. After that, it should consistently always "arm" the autolock. Added feature to manual in manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex. Also updated some labels I had changed in the Advanced Key Lock menu and added information for Disable All Lock Notifications in a previous commit. Shared items also updated in manual/configure_rockbox/display_options.tex for selective backlight. Change-Id: I09dc6814bee803e40c7088157e1fe9d01d5f3474
6 daysEnable QuickScreen in filtered dir modes & playlist viewerChristian Soffke2-6/+24
Will allow the QuickScreen to be accessed in the playlist catalogue and when editing a playlist using the playlist viewer. Change-Id: I4b7108db6384eb2077ffdccb2992f2e51a39f42f
7 daysQuickScreen: Update status bar after changing volumeChristian Soffke1-0/+4
So that (e.g.) a skin's custom volume bar doesn't appear choppy during volume adjustments Change-Id: I65b9c46ccbdea3f2cb84c418d5d2e33e0121acc9
9 days(Fix FS#13281) Revert "Restore playlist state as necessary before checking ↵Christian Soffke1-4/+0
whether current playlist has been modified" This reverts commit 46085c897854d145b5313c009fb70af428f0e6bd. Change-Id: Id8540bb44b64546389d06593d8ff46588b634b53
13 daysAdd M3K native to the simulatorSolomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: If3e877d2df189e44076631fd571cf6aa70ce6ca8
14 daysNew port: FiiO M3K on bare metalAidan MacDonald56-8/+790
Change-Id: I7517e7d5459e129dcfc9465c6fbd708619888fbe
2021-03-25ErosQ: Fix text entry keymapDana Conrad1-10/+10
Text entry keymap was almost completely backwards, and it was impossible to submit without adding one last character. Change-Id: I40a224fe20e228c5e4670dd6583318918c59c827
2021-03-25build: We don't need sh-specific flags in the pictureflow build.Solomon Peachy1-5/+0
Change-Id: I1e9ab4332cbeb5aabc01edf825eace6152347e0a
2021-03-23FS13279: Update Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-12/+91
Change-Id: Ib05bc51e3fa082a20862929f318bfd2e50d0dd66
2021-03-23Update english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-4/+102
Change-Id: I757e6b96473f714497bab45d17e754b5e344a5c4
2021-03-23Fix FS#13278: error message when playing a song with Rockbox for the very ↵Christian Soffke1-1/+1
first time The function to check whether a playlist has been modified will now only try to resume a playlist, if the global resume index is not -1. This also means that replacing a finished (modified) playlist will not produce a warning anymore if Rockbox has been restarted in between. In that respect, the behavior is identical to what it was *before* 46085c897854. Change-Id: Ib95f89043274f1c72c75023d1506fc093aaf4cf9
2021-03-22FS13277: Updated Polish translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-8/+109
Change-Id: Iae27b78c66ebd0d9d185efaeef9131b86505bf9f
2021-03-23Add disable setting for all softlock notificationsDana Conrad5-28/+60
Tested on erosq Added ability to disable all softlock notifications. Setting is "Disable All Lock Notifications" under Advanced Key Lock Settings. Tested to make sure it doesn't interfere with backlight exemptions, keylock exemptions, or first press enables backlight only. When enabled, this overrules the existing Disable Notify setting, which only disables the reminders when a button is pressed while the device is already locked. Also changed phrases in the Advanced Key Lock settings menu to make it more obvious what the options do. Changed LANG_ACTION_PLAY, LANG_ACTION_SEEK, and LANG_ACTION_SKIP from "[button]" to "Exempt [button]". These language changes will also affect the Backlight Exemptions list, but the wording should be appropriate there as well. Added LANG_SOFTLOCK_DISABLE_ALL_NOTIFY and LANG_ACTION_VOLUME, changed LANG_VOLUME to LANG_ACTION_VOLUME in display_menu.c for consistency. Change-Id: I914fe154ba5d508a842165aea7c7755e4e6b9c57
2021-03-22Remove some HAVE_FUNCTIONAL_MODE bitsAidan MacDonald2-11/+0
This was dead code introduced by 0662793c, and got missed by 08ab3aea which should've removed it. Change-Id: I87d02eab11479133c66524e58efc504ff093dfbd
2021-03-22debug_menu: revise how the ATA device bit is reportedJames Buren1-1/+1
According to the ATA specification this bit is used to indicate either an ATA device or a CF compatible card. We use it currently to indicate CF compatible status. So let's change the wording accordingly. Change-Id: Iee87197dee80e6225e4c62c40bceedfbc4e659c2
2021-03-22Add new audiohw capability: POWER_MODE_CAPAidan MacDonald6-0/+122
This allows the user to make use of the DAC's power-saving abilities. The two modes are "high performance" and "battery saver". This feature is supported by the AK4376 DAC in the upcoming FiiO M3K port. The setting is only a manual toggle right now, but in the future it could be hooked up to the battery level (via another setting) so it can be toggled automatically when the battery gets too low. Change-Id: I482af6e2f969fcbdeb3411bd3ff91f866b12d027
2021-03-22debug_menu: Fix compile error from previous commitJames Buren1-3/+3
Change-Id: If01ba31a34be3e277a98adb93861aa2a19d8829d
2021-03-22debug_menu: report on ATA device type bitsJames Buren1-0/+9
This reports the ATA device type bits in a human readable format so that users can easily identify what their ATA device is claiming to be. This is mainly useful for troubleshooting a possible source of compatibility issues with their DAP. As such this is mainly an aid to CF modders. Change-Id: I40f581fc0805a2753789452373cc6e179d8f3074
2021-03-20If backlight is off and keys are unlocked, power button wakes screen onlyDana Conrad1-0/+9
tested on erosq On devices with both a backlight and a softlock button, currently pressing the softlock button while the screen is off and the keypad is unlocked will wake the screen and also lock the keypad. Presumably, the user's intention is to use the device when they hit the softlock button in this state, so wake the screen without locking the keypad. Change-Id: Ib00e1c37142e5d3d9317775de5cf0dd67f3f2569
2021-03-18Shortcuts.c fix regression from last bugfixWilliam Wilgus1-1/+1
wiped out the lang id check which causes shortcuts menu to pop error message when browsing to folders shortcut menu uses the return to check for validity Change-Id: I30061f034f99ea66844e45ea842e52843ea6062b
2021-03-18shortcuts menu bugfix wps context plugin fallthroughWilliam Wilgus1-1/+2
if you ran a plugin from shortcut menu that originated from the WPS next time you pressed select in the wps it would attempt to run the wps context plugin Change-Id: Id72eb6a20522586efeb479aea0b1c50b53942346
2021-03-18Open Plugin cache plugin entry when possibleWilliam Wilgus4-48/+103
leave plugin entries in ram and try not to save them unless necessary doesn't use more space just a bit of careful ordering with the buffer Change-Id: I1973e9ad4655c2544f596b37cee35601a0cffa94
2021-03-17erosq: Move ACTION_TREE_WPS to list context for use in Files and DatabaseDana Conrad1-3/+1
The ACTION_TREE_WPS (held back button) was a part of the mainmenu context, moved to list context so it would work in Files and Database as well for consistency. Change-Id: I3749d7b4fd041db80e81c1a79d30c2c7bdd64829
2021-03-16Resume audio after user selects a new songChristian Soffke1-0/+1
Music currently doesn't begin playing after the user has selected a new song from a playlist or using the database/file browser, unless another item was already playing or the previous player state was "stopped" but not "paused". This results in an inconsistent user experience. The user's likely intention is to immediately listen to a song they select regardless of the previous player state. Change-Id: I574c3fe5c12fee544da0569182fc9573d307ac2f
2021-03-16Offer function to Clear List & Play Shuffled when playback is stoppedChristian Soffke2-16/+36
(as per multiple user requests) When playback is stopped, Rockbox will display an option to clear the current playlist and add selected tracks in random order, if Shuffled Adding options are enabled in Settings. Insert options will not be displayed anymore when playback is stopped to lessen confusion. Change-Id: I5e5819149027e63e5c6f30213e838c0d7e7de8d5
2021-03-16Restore playlist state as necessary before checking whether current playlist ↵Christian Soffke1-0/+4
has been modified Rockbox would previously not present a warning when you were about to replace a modified playlist after restarting the player, unless you first resumed playback. Change-Id: I9752228f84b105747e41ce6e1c8f95f0f9f14c10
2021-03-14Customizable Current Playlist SubmenuChristian Soffke5-55/+194
Options to add shuffled tracks and to queue tracks in the Current Playlist Submenu can now be hidden, or the latter can also be put into its own submenu. Users can customize this in Settings by going to "General Settings - Playlists -> Current Playlist" and choosing from "Show Shuffled Adding Options" (No / Yes) or "Show Queue Options" (No / Yes / In Submenu). Allows for the paring down of the set of choices to a minimum of the 4 more common ones for adding tracks to a dynamic playlist (coming from the current total of 11). Defaults have been set so that users have to actively modify their settings to notice any difference, which makes it unlikely that anybody's workflow would be negatively affected by this change. Change-Id: Ibe48fc4da2c79f54cd7272df8e1e3ba9955203e5
2021-03-14erosq: change keymap to fix back buttonDana Conrad1-2/+4
Back button's ACTION_TREE_WPS state in the mainmenu context causes a jump back to the main menu root from anywhere in the settings tree. Changing it to a held button fixes this. Also changed the ACTION_STD_CANCEL functionality of the back button in the standard context to be on release, just because I think it feels better to use. Also added myself to docs/CREDITS Change-Id: Ia5892f4d995431abe0616f00fd5cc8368dd750a2
2021-03-14Updated Italian Translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-4/+21
Change-Id: I7b98b1c6af99f2e43d9b4dc4dc46f63ed8b0192c
2021-03-14Update english-US "translation"Solomon Peachy1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ifecdc68911c7805e9744647cb1510a2a474afff6
2021-03-13erosq: Have tree context fall back to list context rather than mainmenu.Solomon Peachy1-15/+11
Allows 'back' to cancel vs always popping into wps, for example. Change-Id: Ia9f27f884c6076906ff023d666872c566c60aa37
2021-03-13Add soft-keylock to standard context on the x20/x3ii/erosq targetsSolomon Peachy3-0/+3
tap power to lock! Change-Id: I819c90757a9082eab485828727d76e5ed33a29ed
2021-03-11Use "Save" instead of "Save Current Playlist" in Playlist ViewerChristian Soffke1-2/+2
LANG_SAVE_DYNAMIC_PLAYLIST refers to dynamic playlists. A playlist being edited is only the "current playlist" in case of a dynamic playlist. When other playlists are edited, the current playlist is different from the edited/selected playlist. (A possible motivation for differentiating between the two here is because "Current Playlist" is already the title of a submenu in that same context menu where the name refers to the dynamic playlist and not to the selected playlist. "Save Current Playlist" is also used in the Playlist Catalogue's context menu for example, referring to the dynamic playlist.) Change-Id: If320b3c804bb98fccb2e945ae1a30ffc92673c7e
2021-03-11Fix "Create Playlist" option in context menu of "Playlist Catalogue"Christian Soffke1-2/+1
If the previously selected directory in the file browser was the playlist directory, creating a playlist with all files wouldn't work due to the fact that PLAYLIST_CATALOG_DEFAULT_DIR has an unexpected duplicate leading '/'. The initialize_catalog function makes sure to remove this from playlist_dir. Change-Id: I0f8300140fa23321d362d2a75dfaf82be0b4b12a
2021-03-11ImageViewer Fix jpeg decoderWilliam Wilgus1-7/+3
Image viewer compiles decoders as a plugin and removes CRT0 A resuklt static vars do not get initialized in decoders Change-Id: I72da326967c7b404b297897000f82852661a7ebb
2021-03-10xduoo_x3ii: Improvements in the meymappings!Solomon Peachy2-16/+16
* PREV/NEXT now swapped so they do what is expected in most contexts * List and setting context retains prior behavior * Enable the ADC that reads the headset remote and map the keys. * As ADC-based remote "events" arrive as press/release pairs, delay the button release. Change-Id: I22d4eac3bfe1573b50eca795cf377bdafdeb5336
2021-03-10Special-case the storage names for hibylinux-based hosted targetsSolomon Peachy2-1/+8
Change-Id: I66a4eebe244e9656f851d83aae0346af4367728f
2021-03-10Move "View" option for playlists up one levelChristian Soffke1-16/+15
The "View" option for playlists/.m3u files is currently part of the "Current Playlist" submenu even though it refers to the selected file/playlist and has nothing to do with the current playlist. It has been relocated to the context menu of the playlist file where it makes more sense and is easier to get to. Change-Id: I806ed46a7315293d7d20f29ed004cc8ab58cdcb7
2021-03-09Update english-US translation.Solomon Peachy1-4/+32
Change-Id: I9906b6a7033e49d56f480ae80188a7154d2f7560
2021-03-09UI: Rename "Play Next" to "Clear List & Play Next"Christian Soffke3-9/+37
The "Play Next" function replaces the current dynamic playlist, so it makes sense to convey that information to the user when displaying the option in a context menu. Change-Id: Ic6e03e4adbd811e28b5cfeba36b64c5e8a7db2f9
2021-03-09Shortcuts Menu -- remove debug statementsWilliam Wilgus1-2/+1
Change-Id: I4ad370088a6b1da188611ae335fcd7a7e3a57f90
2021-03-09Shortcuts Menu -- Update2William Wilgus2-2/+10
make shortcuts menu drop back into WPS on exit different icons for plugins and files versus folders Change-Id: I1b590c223b63a6b6598c33e767738daaea1c8ad0