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6 daysFix faulty Play Shuffled behavior (FS#13347)HEADmasterAidan MacDonald1-1/+1
When replacing a dynamic playlist with Play Shuffled, the current track could incorrectly be left at the end of the new playlist. Fix this - the current track should always be at the beginning, so it can be skipped past regardless of the repeat/shuffle mode. Change-Id: Ia86539bc23ad8ebd714b8dc50b5720671b4ad0a9
7 daysapps: Add "keep current track when replacing playlist" settingAidan MacDonald5-4/+35
Add a setting that makes Play and Play Shuffled in the playlist context menu leave the current song (if any) playing when they replace the playlist. Default to on, since this was the behavior of the old "Clear List & Play Next" option. Change-Id: I1340aed5c28bb3244e36d0953b3308ae59681c97
7 daysapps: Change playlist context menu behavior, fix FS#13336Aidan MacDonald2-163/+154
Rename the "Clear List & Play" options to simply Play and Play Shuffled, and change their behavior slightly. Previously they would leave the current song playing, but now they will start playing the first song of the new playlist immediately. Shuffle options are now consistently hidden whenever a single file is selected. Fixes FS#13336 -- Play Shuffled is now always displayed where applicable, regardless of playback state. Change-Id: Idd454b4f9ab2c98cda3ce0389add747a3273fb42
12 daysProperties plugin: Eliminate redundant Track Info codeChristian Soffke6-222/+157
When opening an audio file from the file browser or database using the Properties plugin, it will now use existing code from the Show Track Info screen for displaying metadata. The menu option has been renamed accordingly. Change-Id: I5a824865b9f980151b91aff3c3c18ec45830a12c
2022-05-07pictureflow: fix album index alignment in load_album_indexAidan MacDonald1-0/+1
Change-Id: I7c3c86ffdab62859ce88faeeb84160ea52a4626a
2022-05-07pictureflow: fix bug in calculation of album art buf sizeAidan MacDonald1-1/+2
I intended to check for enough space in buffer but this isn't really doing it and it is making aa_bufsz slightly too big so it's a possible buffer overflow. Restore the old ALIGN_DOWN(..., 4) rounding in case it's important, if not, then no harm done. Change-Id: I904f255ac79a77d5328b44667502ceae8308e659
2022-05-05tdspeed.c remove buffer name stringsWilliam Wilgus1-8/+2
get rid of the magic buffer size and the whole name buffer naming the buffers individually doesn't serve any real purpose instead add a static string for all td buffers Change-Id: I962a966456453e1b84bab6fec6f4df7cb075ef4e
2022-05-03add const to const * strings iriver Fix RedWilliam Wilgus1-1/+2
the iriver devices overwrite the pointer Change-Id: I20ae6db2aec0f957824b61db349c7c45a95e58d9
2022-05-03add const to const * stringsWilliam Wilgus6-9/+9
I don't think this will amke any difference except maybe for hosted ports Change-Id: I84f898aea92a6963901a6d889dd18b63f24c9a41
2022-05-02apps: fix tagtree arithmetic on null pointersAidan MacDonald1-2/+3
It was possible for the tag tree's buflib move callback to turn a null pointer non-null. The tagcache_search_clause->str can be null for OR clauses. Also ensure that clauses are zeroed on allocation to ensure garbage pointers don't creep in. Change-Id: Ic823a8eecc501eeaa75798066521e427a9a89190
2022-05-02apps: fix use of negative fd in open_plugin.cAidan MacDonald1-0/+2
Bug reported by UBSan. Change-Id: I3223a496dfa5df4e3df97fb88a14ea0174d4b428
2022-05-02apps: fix close of negative fd in talk.cAidan MacDonald1-4/+5
Bug reported by UBSan. Change-Id: I02276521510acac8696499895fec15993c55aaf6
2022-05-02apps: fix int/long mismatch in playlist.cAidan MacDonald1-2/+2
A couple of places use sizeof(int) for allocations and copying but the indices are longs, which causes bugs in the simulator on 64-bit. Change-Id: Ie101ac57d44217c4b1657cf0152c97e276bd7043
2022-05-02Fix some non-portable alignment valuesAidan MacDonald4-35/+17
UBSan reports an avalanche of unaligned pointer bugs stemming from hardcoded 4-byte alignments used in certain places. Use sizeof(long) instead to align to the machine word size. Change-Id: I28e505212462c5268afa24e95df3a103ac3e2213
2022-05-02plugins: fix out of bounds read in chopperAidan MacDonald1-13/+12
GCC complains about this when compiling with UBSan. Change-Id: I4bd8ff2b47882ab95620dc7750a9a80f823cc2ea
2022-04-28tree.c update settings when new theme selectedWilliam Wilgus1-1/+5
Change-Id: I376aba4258dd3c54c45d97317aa1e7bc8f2a3a17
2022-04-27keyboard.c change math for editline above pickerWilliam Wilgus1-1/+17
Change-Id: I59e7f7face07f3f97fc6e016ee333cd3139ad5fd
2022-04-20buffering: remove bufgettail/bufcuttailAidan MacDonald3-65/+1
These operations can only be used in limited circumstances and have exactly one user. bufgettail especially seems of dubious value; how often do you need to read N bytes from the end of a file without changing the file position? strip_tags() was the only function using them, to strip off ID3v1 and APE tags off the end of buffered tracks. This would save only 32-192 bytes per track -- if the container format uses APE/ID3v1. It hardly seems worth the effort. Change-Id: I8fc3c1408517eda6126e75e76d76daea904b50eb
2022-04-18[BUGFIX] gui_synclist move global display settings to list structWilliam Wilgus1-0/+1
forgot to add the update function to the list_wraparound callback Change-Id: I7ee7940f126726c727344d7d09371f1bf3295c81
2022-04-18fiiom3k Yes/No screen: Only accept Play button for YESChristian Soffke1-1/+1
According to the on screen instructions, any other button should mean No. More importantly, in my experience at least, the Select "button", since it is touch-activated, can sometimes be pressed by accident, especially when a warning screen is displayed as a result of pressing that same button. Change-Id: Ieeadfa8018b5df99605297bc47948a181c22dab4
2022-04-18ImageViewer: Fix buffer overflowChristian Soffke1-1/+5
np_file is a buffer of size MAX_PATH. After removing only the file name component and leaving the rest of the path, the available space may not be sufficient for appending another file name (possibly of size MAX_PATH itself) to it. This can occur after a file of acceptable length is opened in ImageViewer, and you then advance to another file whose path (including the file name) is longer than MAX_PATH. Change-Id: Ideadd9451359bd5735bce92fca5d983e61f300e9
2022-04-18Database: Remove File View menuChristian Soffke3-1/+27
These options don't seem to apply to the database... Change-Id: I777073eeaed4099acf44996b95fa05b4c2b3abc4
2022-04-18Album Art: Eliminate redundant checkChristian Soffke1-4/+8
When the 'Album Art' setting was set to 'Prefer Image File' and neither image file nor embedded artwork were found, playback would check for files twice. Change-Id: Ibe392928d58ec04103e2572124841724509bd859
2022-04-17Fix red from 6f5af8e53cAidan MacDonald45-341/+215
Change-Id: I02dbc3e91856eaef081446ca77919e6182a85e1d
2022-04-17Add Codec to Track Info screenChristian Soffke1-0/+9
Change-Id: Ieec0e49d0b5e1ca14fa828a510edf30d548969b2
2022-04-17viewports, set flags to VP_DEFAULT_FLAGSWilliam Wilgus1-1/+1
flags were getting un-initialized memory it really didn't matter with the flags getting initialized anyway But once I added a new flag that didn't explicitly set or clear the flag at init well here we are set flags to VP_DEFAULT_FLAGS in viewport_set_defaults() add the flags variable to the default vp's set to 0 (it was already initialized to 0 by bss, make it explicit) Change-Id: I3a9a062455b4cf66d2b8c70fdf05402a5c0c091c
2022-04-17Playlist Viewer: Always retrieve track Info from diskChristian Soffke1-12/+5
Frequency, file size, and the codec are not stored in the database and thus can’t be displayed in the Playlist Viewer's Track Info screen when metadata is only retrieved from the database. Change-Id: I9e1d11c13ad8bf7b90b654ed78e4e7f763c30f8a
2022-04-16Fix remaining red from 3fcdadce24Aidan MacDonald1-1/+2
Change-Id: I619a637bdf1fb932c3618f1f40aaa1c9e7f98300
2022-04-16Fix red in 3fcdadce24Aidan MacDonald2-0/+4
Change-Id: Idbee52505b3c109a0aad23e2edf7dd78519eb173
2022-04-16Remove dead codeChristian Soffke2-2/+0
Change-Id: If31a99e6488dabab47d482637b2609ff829df1ca
2022-04-16PictureFlow: Disable 'Album Not Found' splash when stoppedChristian Soffke1-5/+8
...and go to last album, even if it hadn't been selected for playback Change-Id: I44013e930a1feb873f128c2885ecb8ddaf4ae3ff
2022-04-16PictureFlow: Delay LCD Update until center slide is loadedChristian Soffke1-3/+12
Eliminates flashing of slide right after launch or when changing sorting on the M3K using the volume buttons Change-Id: Icd317e0b0d5b939269dc8dafd30d0c0f9daa5fd9
2022-04-16plugins: Add multiboot select pluginAidan MacDonald6-2/+359
This plugin provides a menu for easily editing the root redirect file on targets that support multiboot. You can select a new root from a list of Rockbox installations detected on the filesystem or remove all redirects to boot from the default location. To avoid searching the whole filesystem, only subdirectories of the volume roots are checked for valid installations. Only installations that are compatible with the current player will be displayed. Change-Id: I7dcbadfd97873b87817870e61d2ae37956d2da00
2022-04-16apps: Add ability to do a clean rebootAidan MacDonald11-6/+29
Allow a clean shutdown to end in either power off or reboot. Add a new event SYS_REBOOT to signal it and sys_reboot() to trigger the event. SYS_REBOOT signals a reboot request and should be listened for alongside SYS_POWEROFF events. Change-Id: I99ba7fb5feed2bb5a0a40a274e8466ad74fe3a43
2022-04-10bitmap/list.c fix redWilliam Wilgus1-1/+1
--typo Change-Id: Iaa632e215d7d1e3758f62fedd72565fa633d925e
2022-04-10gui_synclist move global display settings to list structWilliam Wilgus5-33/+82
its really painful needing to override global settings in order to change some aspects of lists this patch moves: [scrollbar position, cursor type, talk_menus, keyclick, wrap around, scroll paginated] to variables within the synclist, it also makes updating after settings changes a necessity I think I have the static synclists in core covered (I think the one in gui/list-skinned can be left as is) this patch allows easy modification these flags on the fly Change-Id: Id0dcb8b05eb9ecd78929c0aff7678bf2ab4c70a7
2022-04-09imageviewer: limit progress bar LCD update rateAidan MacDonald1-1/+13
The progress callback doesn't rate limit LCD updates, which causes excessive slowdowns (up to 150x!) on some targets. Limiting updates to 20fps solves the problem and should boost load speed across the board, particularly for large images and animated GIFs that may run the progress callback thousands of times. Change-Id: Ia48924d4dcb24c1111509329581809be494d0165
2022-04-09buffering: fix buffer overflows with bitmap loadingAidan MacDonald1-17/+23
In some circumstances it was possible for a bitmap to overflow its buffer and overwrite the next handle. The easiest way to trigger it is with a highly compressed JPEG that is decoded to a large bitmap. Because the JPEG file size is used to determine how much to allocate this would cause an obvious buffer overflow when the JPEG is smaller than the decoded bitmap. Fix this by using the decoded bitmap size as the allocation size. Some overhead must be added to deal with JPEGs, but it will be freed once the image is loaded. A less obvious possibility is the fact that add_handle() will allow a handle to be added even if there's not enough space for the entire allocation. This is generally beneficial because it allows the first part of a file to be loaded while waiting for space to free up, but for bitmaps it is not valid because the whole image is loaded at once. Hence if there is not actually enough space in the buffer, the bitmap load can again overflow the actual free space and overwrite the next handle. The buffering code supports an H_ALLOCALL flag for allocations that need the free space available immediately, so use it for bitmaps to avoid that bug. load_image() had a sketchy-looking check for free space which stopped me from triggering the bug with simple tests, but since guessing the free space is obviously a bad idea when the caller *knows* how much free space there really is, remove that guess and let the caller tell load_image() the real deal. Change-Id: If62a58759705d83c16ee5b50f26bcbccc3f6c01f
2022-04-09jpeg: provide a rough estimate of decoder memory overheadAidan MacDonald2-0/+18
JPEG decoding requires additional space in the bitmap buffer beyond what is needed for the decoded pixel data. Provide a way to estimate how much overhead is needed. The actual overhead is sizeof(struct jpeg) + decode_buf_size, where the latter depends on the image size and JPEG encoding used. From my testing decode_buf_size is normally pretty small (under 5 KiB) but looking at the code it could be large in some cases, primarily with large images, so 32 KiB seems to be a decent compromise. Someone who knows better about JPEG should pick a better value if that's too big. Using a constant is obviously not the most accurate but it seems to be the simplest option for retrofitting to existing code. Change-Id: I573b0abb8ca2d79e43f185010487f07226edb793
2022-04-09buffering: fix signed overflow in next_handle_id()Aidan MacDonald1-8/+5
Not sure what the comment is talking about - signed overflow is undefined behavior and we don't use -fwrapv or other flags to make it defined. I can't see how a compiler could abuse it here, but the overflow is nonetheless easily avoided. Change-Id: Ibed6d7c0d841db2aa86b9d8ba4c6a0d08c413354
2022-04-08BUGFIX keyboard.c make vp alloc staticWilliam Wilgus1-23/+5
don't stop playback to alloc viewports for the keyboard For the moment it doesn't make much difference each vp takes about 40 bytes (double that in the sim?) so not the end of the world 120 extra bytes Change-Id: I482d7e3061cf9fb8065dc28bf62a6f830770f3c7
2022-04-07Allow cuesheet index offsets longer than 99 minutes.Nick Peskett1-1/+2
While the track number is limited to 99, I know of no documented constraint on the value of offset minutes to 99. As we are storing the millisecond offset as unsigned long, assuming 32 bit, we can allow 70,000 minutes (2^32 / 60000). However, I've been unable to generate a test audio file 48 days long under 2GB, so I've set the limit to 30,000 minutes. In addition, this change reduces the maximum number of seconds to 59, and frames to 74. I've generated some silent test files with the filenames being cue_[minutes].mp3 Change-Id: I3ca4468ebc88ba134c4e785e9395f90bf76941ac
2022-04-07keyboard.c Use viewports, move text box posWilliam Wilgus5-27/+205
allows items to be moved around with less code changes remove scrolling I was not overly impressed with it add test_kbd plugin Change-Id: Ic183c7221bda9405891632704f3a7bbfd79bfe83
2022-04-02lastfm_scrobbler check for back to back repeat entriesbootloader_shanlingq1_v2bootloader_fiiom3k_v3William Wilgus1-4/+20
if you skip a track after the halfway point the scrobbler may double post with slightly different timestamps but the same track info take a crc of the non-unique part and check against the previously written track Change-Id: I676342c4cd76f632131d9cb6d9f7d2f59df357e6
2022-04-02lastfm_scrobbler check pointers for validityWilliam Wilgus1-4/+11
we need to make sure we don't deref NULL pointers Change-Id: I9c564b681cd20222c3a134680e60a310b2eb846c
2022-04-01playlist: use path_strip_last_volume, clarify path conventionsAidan MacDonald1-16/+16
The comment regarding Windows paths was fairly confusing as to its intent. What the code is trying to do is replace the drive letter with the volume containing the playlist, which appears reasonable. The middle of the comment was devoted to explaining why the code below was potentially incorrect which only served to add to the confusion. AFAICT the last volume specifier in a path will cause search to start from the root of that volume, so any incorrect result can be avoided by using the new function path_strip_last_volume(). Finally, add a comment at the top of the function that explains what it does. Change-Id: If4e4938801f2f81eb52f5d32b5461872995e5e83
2022-04-01ImageViewer: M3K keymap allow scrolling up/downChristian Soffke2-0/+10
Change-Id: I385354688b1d8f8df4d44e7e177e23bdb6ed3df4
2022-04-01lastfm Scrobbler: Substitute album artist for empty artist.James D. Smith1-5/+6
Change-Id: I66dda13ec2cbb592ebe0d269f0c7eff749bc737a
2022-03-31FS13338: Updated Slovak translation (Matej Golian)Solomon Peachy1-4/+3
Change-Id: I41f794a457435f0d02da180673e272438e3879b2
2022-03-31FS13441: Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-21/+107
Change-Id: I442d79842ca1d58d122058171175a6fee844a353