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3 daysfont.c dynamic path nameHEADmasterWilliam Wilgus1-8/+25
10 daysusb: Fix iPod video connection issuesAidan MacDonald1-2/+7
11 daysAdd perceptual volume adjustmentAidan MacDonald1-0/+4
11 daysErosQNative: Enable Line Out capabilities on new revision playersDana Conrad5-46/+47
2023-01-19chunk alloc add buflib_get_pinned and chunk cachingWilliam Wilgus2-58/+80
2023-01-18usb: Attempt to handle overlapped control requests in legacy driversAidan MacDonald1-5/+38
2023-01-16buflib_malloc: fixed signed/unsigned comparisonAidan MacDonald1-1/+1
2023-01-15Add core_get_data_pinned(), use it where possibleAidan MacDonald1-0/+12
2023-01-15buflib: Add pinned get/put data functionsAidan MacDonald5-35/+109
2023-01-15buflib: Add malloc-backed buflibAidan MacDonald5-0/+309
2023-01-15buflib: Move the API back into buflib.hAidan MacDonald2-323/+361
2023-01-15buflib: Add CONFIG_BUFLIB_BACKEND for selecting a buflib backendAidan MacDonald8-4/+47
2023-01-15buflib: Prep for multiple backend support, rename to buflib_mempoolAidan MacDonald6-8/+8
2023-01-14si4700: remove unneeded ';' directly after a 'case'Wolfram Sang1-1/+1
2023-01-13fix red from #641e91aa2fSolomon Peachy2-2/+3
2023-01-13jz47xx: Add support for INIT regionSolomon Peachy5-8/+41
2023-01-13buflib_shrink use NULL to signal start isn't changingWilliam Wilgus3-5/+3
2023-01-13buflib: Refactor various debugging featuresAidan MacDonald6-43/+71
2023-01-13buflib: Remove block start / end distinctionAidan MacDonald1-107/+42
2023-01-13buflib: Remove CRC checksAidan MacDonald2-96/+4
2023-01-13buflib: Optimize away the BSIZE metadata fieldAidan MacDonald1-7/+4
2023-01-13Remove buflib allocation names, part twoAidan MacDonald14-64/+32
2023-01-13Remove buflib allocation names, part oneAidan MacDonald1-35/+15
2023-01-13Avoid using buflib names for storing font pathsAidan MacDonald1-5/+22
2023-01-12Fix red in 7e5fc4076aAidan MacDonald1-0/+2
2023-01-12Add INIT_ATTR to i2c_init()Aidan MacDonald10-10/+10
2023-01-12Add INIT_ATTR to system_init()Aidan MacDonald2-1/+7
2023-01-10chunk_allocWilliam Wilgus4-0/+377
2023-01-08lcd: Fix 4bpp optimized 16-bit alpha blitAidan MacDonald1-2/+3
2023-01-06lcd: Rewrite 16bit alpha bitmap blitAidan MacDonald1-225/+220
2023-01-04[BugFix] Fix some Shif related UB -- ASANWilliam Wilgus1-3/+3
2023-01-02Add locked actions to all soft lock targetsWilliam Wilgus3-3/+0
2023-01-02clean up button.c optimize !filter_first_keypressWilliam Wilgus3-106/+119
2022-12-31[FixRed] ClipV2 has a hold button -- news to meWilliam Wilgus1-1/+0
2022-12-31[Feature/Bugfix] keyremap add Context flagsWilliam Wilgus3-0/+3
2022-12-31x1000: Add INIT_ATTR to various target specific functionsAidan MacDonald6-20/+19
2022-12-31x1000: Enable support for INIT_ATTRAidan MacDonald4-1/+33
2022-12-30events.c clean-upWilliam Wilgus1-42/+41
2022-12-23Revert "buflib.c strip path from alloc name"Aidan MacDonald1-4/+0
2022-12-20ata: Prevent powering-off ATA hardwre if it reports as mSATA or m.2Solomon Peachy2-3/+20
2022-12-20buflib.c strip path from alloc nameWilliam Wilgus1-0/+4
2022-12-19jx47xx: Rename crt0 'init' sections to 'startup'Solomon Peachy2-3/+7
2022-12-18[BugFix] root redirect failed to match the peoper drive when internal drive i...William Wilgus1-0/+6
2022-12-18kernel: Fix unsafe cross-section reference in init_tick()Aidan MacDonald1-1/+1
2022-12-18x1000: Rename crt0 .init sections to .startupAidan MacDonald4-5/+9
2022-12-18x1000: Simplify app linker scriptAidan MacDonald1-5/+13
2022-12-18x1000: Add missing LCD activation event on LCD enableAidan MacDonald1-0/+3
2022-12-08events.c do_add_event() only traverse event array onceWilliam Wilgus1-18/+18
2022-12-07backlight.c move some conditionals out to functionsWilliam Wilgus1-26/+36
2022-12-07bugfix: for Eros Q / Surfans F20, when the scroll wheel is moved, in addition...Richard Goedeken1-0/+2