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3 daysAdd tm->yday to RTC ports missing itMoshe Piekarski1-0/+16
Change-Id: I86882262bafb8d06f925aabb87ebd1b5dcb0cd53
3 daysAdd standalone UCL decompressorAidan MacDonald1-0/+192
Change-Id: Ibdb128ad66a7dcdd617dc83dfd294c0b24d4901d
2020-11-22rockbox: move firmware checksum algorithms into a common headerJames Buren1-10/+3
Before this was just implemented inline wherever it was needed. Now it is provided as 2 inline functions in a header called checksum.h. There should be no differences in actual behavior. Change-Id: I5d756cc01dc6225f5cc8b6af90911a3fc7b57cd5
2020-10-27dircache: Fix a NULL pointer dereferenceSolomon Peachy1-1/+2
if idx == 0, get_idx_dcvolp() will return NULL. Change-Id: I4eafa71bb1f77ef8c865570bf8f124cdd9326d3e
2020-10-23ClipPlus BOOTLOADER DONT FIT!William Wilgus1-2/+10
REMOVED FROM ALL NATIVE BOOTLOADERS: finish removing the text scrolling pare down printf to a minimal subset (%c %s %l %d %u and %x(%p)) remove diacritic and rtl language support GOAL 134000 START 135305 CURRENT 133700 SUCCESS! (ASSUMING IT WORKS -- UNESTED) Change-Id: Ic3f6ac1dc260578f581ee53458b3e5bb47d313ec
2020-10-17Define a USB storage type, and hook it up for hosted targetsSolomon Peachy1-0/+9
Change-Id: I56363c989139c7edf0b2c67b0aac9ef1adfacba2
2020-08-20Revert root_redirect :(William Wilgus8-453/+195
This reverts commit 31fc46ded69be7438cca2ba2c2b93c1f200165a6. Change-Id: Ia78618c0e8b25ca65f7c8ae0db1cb9c9b321bad9
2020-08-20Multiboot Firmware Root RedirectWilliam Wilgus1-1/+17
Firmware now includes rudimentary redirect functionality but this only supports /.rockbox in the root of the device This patch allows loading external drive and directory into root namespace Root Redirects can now be put into different folders For instance placing '/_test' into SD1/rockbox_main.<playername> will redirect to /<1>/_test/.rockbox Debug menu>Bootdata now has root directory listed in addition to RAW Bootdata Redirect root work from Michael Sevakis g#1556 Redirect will be updated if code refactor is ever done Requires Multiboot bootloader (already in main) Change-Id: I697b3d0499f85e789c3020bc2133fbe0023f72a2
2020-08-20Allow mounting of any directory as the root directory.William Wilgus8-192/+454
Provide definitions for the macros: * RB_ROOT_VOL_HIDDEN(v) to exclude certain items from the root. * RB_ROOT_CONTENTS to return a string with the name of the directory to mount in the root. Defaults are in export/rbpaths.h It's a bit much for those that don't need the full functionality. Some conditional define can cut it back a lot to cut out things only needed if alternate root mounts are required. I'm just not bothering yet. The basic concept would be applied to all targets to keep file code from forking too much. Change-Id: I90b5c0a1c949283d3102c16734b0b6ac73901a30
2020-08-20Revert g#1612William Wilgus1-20/+0
Change-Id: Ia971919ecb1690875c916c62ced04bccf99c5aee
2020-08-08ROLO - Enable multiboot firmwareWilliam Wilgus1-1/+1
I never added multiboot awareness to ROLO When a new firmware file was loaded [Bootdata] would not be copied to the new instance resulting in the firmware running off the internal drive till next reboot Bootloaders shares the rb-loader code but should not be affected by the removal of static from write_bootdata() Change-Id: Iccb18eebeee5c59f9534df51eb6826876c441762
2020-07-24[4/4] Remove HAVE_LCD_BITMAP, as it's now the only choice.Solomon Peachy1-25/+0
Note: I left behind lcd_bitmap in features.txt, because removing it would require considerable work in the manual and the translations. Change-Id: Ia8ca7761f610d9332a0d22a7d189775fb15ec88a
2020-07-24[1/4] Remove SH support and all archos targetsSolomon Peachy1-2/+1
This removes all code specific to SH targets Change-Id: I7980523785d2596e65c06430f4638eec74a06061
2020-06-30Try mounting as "superfloppy" firstMoshe Piekarski1-35/+37
This allows for a superfloppy that has MBR-like data in the BPB. this solves FS#12294 while allowing arbitrary partition types. Change-Id: I53880fe7dd53e5015f5f15be0ddba11105fcd778
2020-06-30Also remove the fat_partition_types array.Moshe Piekarski1-11/+0
If we aren't going to check for the partition type, we don't need the array of known FAT partition types. Original Author: Torne Wuff <> Change-Id: I558d4287189408c513dfbca49e13906cdb7918b1
2020-06-30Allow any partition type, not just known FAT types.Moshe Piekarski1-3/+2
Instead of only mounting partitions with a FAT partition type, try any partition that isn't type 0 (unallocated) or 5 (extended). This makes it easier to reformat SDXC cards which have the exFAT partition type, and also brings us in line with pretty much every other OS at this point. Anything with a valid-looking FAT superblock will get mounted. original author: Torne Wuff <> Change-Id: I3ea8d437a79f9da270f9d119cc670e472331a9da
2019-11-15MultiBoot_Firmware Fix red for bootloadersWilliam Wilgus1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0446258d1f14f5423cca55de04abf545a92c61cf
2019-11-15MultiBoot_FirmwareWilliam Wilgus1-0/+21
Stop gap till I get a chance to work on the root folder stuff Makes whatever volume marked by bootdata.boot_volume the base or root volume, mounts all other volumes after the specified boot volume. Has the effect of swapping the SD card to the slot for internal and Internal storage is mounted as the Sd-card. Does not honor root redirect -- uses .rockbox folder in the root of boot volume Change-Id: I0f786aa0c8721e21cba607366775be3e3c0cf474
2019-07-19Limit float formatting to only targets building QuakeFranklin Wei1-0/+7
The Quake plugin is the only code that actually relies on float formatting. Because Quake only runs on targets with huge memory anyway, limiting their formatting to just those targets will minimize the increased memory use in the core. Change-Id: Icdbe26ec6ede564861cc01ac4add76a12b00ecd5
2019-07-19Add proper float formatting to vuprintfMichael Sevakis2-10/+731
Wanted to see how gnarly it is to do. Big number handling could be done with better algorithms since it can get a bit slow with large integers or tiny fractions with many lead zeros when only a few digits are needed. Anyway, it supports %e, %E, %f, %F, %g and %G. No %a or long double support seems warranted at the moment. Assumes IEEE 754 double format but it's laid out to be able to replace a function to handle others if needed. Tested in a driver program that has a duplicate vuprintf and the content was pasted in once it looked sound enough to put up a patch. Change-Id: I6dae8624d3208e644c88e36e6a17d8fc9144f988
2018-11-10Fix vuprintf fix possible %s buffer over-readWilliam Wilgus1-7/+12
when precision is not specified memchr recieved -1 for count count is unsigned so it looks in a potentially very large area for a terminator and returns this whole area if \0 is not found Instead we should use memchr when precision is specified and if precision is not specified use strlen Fixes 60+Mb Config.cfg files Change-Id: Ic4d1439334588f999c9071235430c42df2af5cc4
2018-10-18Diacritic.c add newline to EOFWilliam Wilgus1-1/+2
Change-Id: Ide8934fa267bfb745fc397cdb7450f3ac0453174
2018-10-18Optimize is_diacriticWilliam Wilgus1-20/+29
is_diacritic is used for pretty much all of the text display sizing Timing here matters, so important it uses a priority buffer in order to cut down on searching the database. This patch is verified functionally equlivalent but saves 80 bytes and is ~20% faster for the clip+ I tested it on Several things were done: Optimizing the copy loop for the priority buffer Globbing some operations together but the main one has to do with the database structure its self -- Rather than a bit packed struct it combines the lower 8 bytes into one value [info] and uses flags to access the values instead Change-Id: I475073419b647639ef1eeaa3b9213e4e1067c0db
2018-05-23Don't enable full vuprintf file in bootloader. Saves ~2KB packed space when ↵Michael Giacomelli1-1/+1
patching clip+ OF. Change-Id: Ie03714778918bfb4a1087f60534d60ff349a8330
2017-12-24Revert "Support floating-point formatting"Franklin Wei1-21/+0
This reverts commit 01c6dcf6c7b9bb1ad2fa0450f99bacc5f3d3e04b. The hack isn't used in duke, so having it is redundant. Change-Id: Ieb36d75718e0c2d1305440d08021744625117886
2017-12-23fix redFranklin Wei1-0/+3
Change-Id: I20f1bd6f0208f6108d68fb59206b09dd9da4f1af
2017-12-23Port of Duke Nukem 3DFranklin Wei1-1/+2
This ports Fabien Sanglard's Chocolate Duke to run on a version of SDL for Rockbox. Change-Id: I8f2c4c78af19de10c1633ed7bb7a997b43256dd9
2017-12-23Support floating-point formattingFranklin Wei1-0/+18
This is just a quick and dirty way to get %f formatting to work for some games. It works. Change-Id: I75585e0c6a0f9d6db41a87b71ca405b067d8b85d
2017-11-28Add a small 32-byte write buffer to fdprintf.Michael Sevakis1-4/+23
Avoids a call to write() for every output character. It doesn't need to be very large to have a great effect on speed and realize most of the potential. Change-Id: I11820c1968ed7b20aa00e106a022c1b864b03d21
2017-11-21Convert i.MX31 and AMS target to use RTC interruptMichael Sevakis1-12/+33
Instead of checking ticks, set a sticky dirty flag that indicates that the RTC needs to be read. This gives a timely update and more accurate readout without actually reading the RTC until it changes. The implementation should atomically read the flag and clear it. Setting the flag would typically happen in an RTC tick ISR. Change-Id: I6fd325f22845029a485c502c884812d3676026ea
2017-11-21Implement a much more capable vuprintf()Michael Sevakis3-267/+1030
New support as well as some buggy support fixed. Still no floating point support if ever that would be desired. Support (*): * Flags: '-', '+', ' ', '#', '0' * Width and precision: 'n', '.n', '*' and '.*' * Length modifiers: 'hh', 'h', 'j', 'l', 'll', 't', 'z' * Radix: 'c', 'd', 'i', 'n', 'o', 'p/P', 's', 'u', 'x/X' (*) Provision exists to switch lesser-used stuff on or off or when certain functionality isn't desired (bootloader?). The compulsory radixes are everything but 'o', 'n', 'p/P' and 'x/X' with length modifiers being optional. The default setup is 'l', 'z', 'c', 'd', 'p/P', 's', 'u', 'x/X'. * Move fdprintf() to its own file. It was in a strange place. * Make callers compatible and fix a couple snprintf() bugs while at it. Could smush it down in size but I'm gonna get over the binsize neurosis and just the let optimizer do its thing. Change-Id: Ibdc613a9b6775802c188b29b9dd46c568c94f7c3
2017-10-29Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUMEWilliam Wilgus1-59/+133
Adds the ability to load firmware from other drives on MULTIVOLUME targets Mihail Zenkov <> had posted a hard coded patch to allow this on several Sansa players, I made it more universal Redirect file rockbox_main.<name> should placed in root of drive you would like to be main, if this file empty or there a single slash '/' firmware will be loaded from /.rockbox in root of this drive If instead a /<*DIRECTORY*> is supplied in rockbox_main.<name> then firmware will be loaded from /<dir>/.rockbox/ NOTES* The directory can have multiple levels however.. leading slash MUST be included trailing slash can be omitted (eg. /test/.rockbox would be simply '/test' in the redirect file) Redirect file will not work on internal drive (whatever is default boot drive) Volume with the highest index containing redirect file will be loaded first. Firmware file is checked for boot data region, if missing, firmware image will not be loaded. On failure or if no redirect file is found load will fallback to internal drive Currently only Sansa Fuze+, Sansa Clip+, Sansa Clip Zip, Sansa Fuzev2, and Sansa Fuzev1 are implemented. Players (with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME) will need #define HAVE_BOOTDATA and #define BOOT_REDIR "rockbox_main.<name>" added to their config file boot_data is implemented in crt0.s file (See g#1552) ARM and IMX233 have aleady been implemented Once these conditions are met <HAVE_MULTIBOOT> will be defined by config.h Partitions on the drives are able to have a redirect as well. Change-Id: Iada3263919f6bcad7d0d7d8279b4239aafa07ee9
2017-10-29Add boot data support to rockbox.William Wilgus1-2/+53
Bootdata is a special location in the Firmware marked by a magic header The bootloader is able to copy information to the firmware by locating this struct and passing data to the firmware when it is loaded but before it is actually executed Data is verified by a crc of the bootdata Change-Id: Ib3d78cc0c3a9d47d6fe73be4747a11b7ad6f0a9e
2017-04-13Optimize lld_remove() a bitMichael Sevakis1-7/+5
Just need to check prev and next for NULL to know whether to mess with the head and/or tail pointers. Change-Id: I0aee057111e11735b7806e7214af0a6038f0ab53
2017-03-21Dircache: Improve freed name memory recallocationMichael Sevakis1-26/+36
There's only a need to check every MAX_TINYNAME+1 bytes and that the last character of the needed size 0xff in order to verify the size of the block since the minimum indirectly-stored string is MAX_TINYNAME+1. Change-Id: Ic789376b8575bab9266fcd54c610db0961de5d7f
2017-03-21Avoid having to wait for dircache builds if shut down too soonBoris Gjenero1-4/+6
When dircache scanning is happening in the background, the user can shut down the device before it is complete. Then, reset_cache() sets size to 0 before it is copied to last_size at the end of build_volumes(). When saved last_size is zero, scanning happens in the foreground during next startup. Avoid shrinking the size if the build is suspended. Change-Id: Ife133e0be0dc0dfd53a4de119f70dba014c7ee68
2017-03-12Do some housekeeping with fat.h and SECTOR_SIZEMichael Sevakis1-1/+1
Many includes of fat.h are pointless. Some includes are just for SECTOR_SIZE. Add a file 'firmware/include/fs_defines.h' for that and to define tuneable values that were scattered amongst various headers. Remove some local definitions of SECTOR_SIZE since they have to be in agreement with the rest of the fs code anyway. (We'll see what's in fact pointless in a moment ;) Change-Id: I9ba183bf58bd87f5c45eba7bd675c7e2c1c18ed5
2017-03-12Dircache: Refine name allocation and error handling.Michael Sevakis2-34/+48
* 8 bits is enough to allow 260 character base names when five bytes is the minimum indirect storage size (0..255->5..260). * Don't truncate anything that's too long as that can lead to bad behavior, simply don't include the offending entry in the parent. * Set the .tinyname flag to 1 by default to indicate that the entry's name doesn't need freeing. Clear it only when allocating indirect storage. * Rename some things to help catch all instances Change-Id: Iff747b624acbb8e03ed26c24afdf0fc715fd9d99
2017-03-08Fix a couple dircache oopsies.Michael Sevakis1-2/+7
Moving binding from queued to resolved was messed up if it was the first queued one and there were other resolved files open at the time of resolving it. Dircache info for a directory about to be recursively scanned should be filled before opening it. Would only affect a directory if it happened to be opening while it was being initialized. Change-Id: I26ccf219c382d7caf1424b5ddddc4793e74cb390
2017-02-14Remove FF_CREAT and FF_EXCL flags in from file code.Michael Sevakis1-12/+8
These flags aren't stored for an open file because they're simply actions for open() to take, corresponding to O_CREAT and O_EXCL. Just pass the oflag argument along to the deeper call, with some minor filtering. Change-Id: Ic8bcfba718ebf4228bdc45de3088af1974820557
2017-02-10Restore dircache hookup in the database ramcache.Michael Sevakis4-72/+160
Do a few other changes to dircache and file code flags to accomodate its demands. Change-Id: I4742a54e8cfbe4d8b9cffb75faaf920dd907cf8a
2017-02-07Add some comments about the behavior of a couple path functions.Michael Sevakis1-0/+15
Critical reminders about the reasons path_dirname() and path_basename() do certain things with a given kind of input and how to interpret them. Change-Id: I4e6ad29476bdd30abfb644f9360cc7dfd86298df
2017-02-06Make sure dircache resolves outstanding references on volume root.Michael Sevakis1-0/+1
If a volume root was open at the beginning of a build, its dircache reference wouldn't be resolved on an already open volume root directory because the call to do it was simply omitted. Nothing horribly bad unless a root were opened at mount time and kept open long term. Change-Id: I09de30ff8174ad1d14eeeb9539bd23fb51b9e31a
2017-02-06Fix a bug in disk.c that really wasn't affecting anything.Michael Sevakis1-8/+3
volume_onmount_internal() was being given the next volume to mount instead of the one just mounted. Only dircache was being notified for now, which always attempts to scan everything that needs to be rebuilt, currently making the volume parameter value immaterial. Put things in the right place and also set the disk sector multiplier before notifying anybody of the new volume. Change-Id: Ibc8f26c1d1eca672c753280b49fd8259fde51047
2017-01-26Move intrinsic RTC implmentation differences to driver filesMichael Sevakis1-3/+0
Some drivers set tm_wday just fine and do not need it coerced to be correct. Others set tm_yday, so don't overwrite what the driver sets; just zero it inside if it can't fill the field. Move calls to set_day_of_week() to the sorts of drivers that presumably required the hammer (FS#11814) in get_time() where the weekday isn't locked to the date. Change-Id: Idd0ded6bfc9d9f48fcc1a6074068164c42fcf24a
2017-01-18Make consitent internal file API flag behvior, FF_PROBE.Michael Sevakis1-7/+7
FF_PROBE should leave nothing for caller to clean up whether testing only the cache or permitting disk access. Less to worry about. Change-Id: Iea5aa3c1ae7f9025a9de528b127f08e490154048
2017-01-17Do some debug and preparatory work for ramcache and playlistMichael Sevakis5-272/+312
The file system rework introduced incompatibility between dircache and the tagcache ramcache and playlist dircache path caching. This update makes changes to filesystem code to reintegrate all that. It also fixes a couple bugs that were found when vetting all the code. The filestream cache was being reset without regard to the stream even if it was shared in write mode (made work of .playlist_control). Better handling of unmounting gives files a better go at force-closing them without risk to disk integrity. Did some miscellaneous pedantic changes. Improved efficiency of testing a file's existence (a little) since the path parser will be shared between file code and parsing for the sake of finding dircache references, not duplicated as before. This commit doesn't reenable said items just for the sake of keeping changes separate and related. Plan for the next is to enable dircache again for the playlists (easy peasy) and reenable tagcache ramcache but *without* the dircache path caching because it's rather substantial to change in itself. The ramcache will still function without dircache. Change-Id: I7e2a9910b866251fa8333e1275f72fcfc8425d2d
2017-01-14Dircache: Fix a tiny-block reclaim bugMichael Sevakis1-1/+1
Logic left over from before switching from NULL-terminated to counted strings would prevent a single-byte tiny free block gap from being properly reclaimed into free string bytes. Due to rarity, not as disasterous to functionality so much as wrong. Change-Id: I68e0875b04bb0ab6cdead0fdf535144b9c1bc13e
2017-01-07Improve the implementation of a couple linked list routines.Michael Sevakis1-36/+13
ll_insert_next() and ll_remove_next() can be done more elegantly by adding a level of indirection to reference the 'next' pointer. Change-Id: If3ab2bc2a659b517c793749cfa9088938ae08d0d
2017-01-07Fix track formatting problems in playlist.cMichael Sevakis1-29/+0
Some changes in behavior were made with filesystem code commit for the sake of compatibility that changed expected behavior. * Restore substitution of drive spec in fully-qualified DOS paths with the playlists's volume spec (or root on univolume targets). Drive-relative paths of the form "c:foo" (no separator after ':') will be treated as purely relative. * Restore old behavior of preserving leading whitespace in the source path and trimming only trailing tabs and spaces. * Multivolume: Volume substition on fully-qualified UNIX/RB paths has NOT been reintroduced (and perhaps wasn't intended in the first place). They will not be modified because there is no ambiguity to resolve. Doing so would prevent a playlist on external storage from referencing a file on main storage without qualifying it with "/<0>...". * Plain relative paths are and always have been interpreted as relative to the location of the playlist. Change-Id: Ic0800cea79c59563b7bac20f8b08abb5051906c7