path: root/firmware/target/arm/imx233/lcdif-imx233.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-05-28imx233: generate register headers using headergen_v2 and update code for itAmaury Pouly1-22/+24
2014-03-08imx233: add lcdif underflow irq supportAmaury Pouly1-0/+21
2013-11-11imx233: fix yellowAmaury Pouly1-0/+5
2013-09-06imx233: fix lcdif (don't send anything on empty buffer)Amaury Pouly1-0/+2
2013-06-17imx233: fix/improve lcdif for stmp3600 and stmp4700, fix driversAmaury Pouly1-72/+294
2013-06-16imx233: rewrite lcdif using the new register headersAmaury Pouly1-50/+29
2013-01-12imx233: enable underflow recovery in lcdif (needed for freq scale)Amaury Pouly1-0/+8
2011-09-13imx233/fuze+: correctly lcdif blockAmaury Pouly1-12/+1
2011-09-05imx233:fuze+: major memory and usb reworkAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
2011-05-01Sansa Fuze+: initial commit (bootloader only, LCD basically working)Amaury Pouly1-0/+171