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2008-05-11Enable write buffering for the 1MB device memory section. This means using a ...Michael Sevakis2-1/+8
2008-05-11Use LTV350QV register definitionsMaurus Cuelenaere2-54/+165
2008-05-10Fix the bootloaderKarl Kurbjun1-0/+2
2008-05-10Real fake IRAM by placing .i.... section in the analagous DRAM sections in th...Michael Sevakis5-102/+22
2008-05-10Fix high power consumption at powerup.Karl Kurbjun1-7/+10
2008-05-10Fix yellow.Michael Sevakis2-0/+2
2008-05-10Fix the ARM assembly to ensure that the stack is not used.Karl Kurbjun1-15/+4
2008-05-10Bring Gigabeat S bootloader one step close to a release version.Michael Sevakis17-33/+214
2008-05-09Remove inner loop from button scanning on Gigabeat S. Requires changing the b...Michael Sevakis2-41/+32
2008-05-08Backlight brightness setting for Gigabeat S. Cleanup headers in target backli...Michael Sevakis3-12/+213
2008-05-08Fix the short audio dropout at disk spinup from power-off on portalplayer tar...Jens Arnold1-2/+10
2008-05-08Add two missing rockbox headers and set svn:eol-styleNils Wallménius2-0/+38
2008-05-08Disable clocks for most modules in the imx31l on startup, individual drivers ...Nils Wallménius3-1/+75
2008-05-08Oops, it's called mc13783...Nils Wallménius3-3/+3
2008-05-08Hehe. Should probably implement ide_powered if implementing ide_power_enable.Michael Sevakis1-2/+3
2008-05-08Gigabeat S RoLo: Properly execute firmware copy from an IRAM stub because the...Michael Sevakis3-5/+77
2008-05-08Gigabeat S: Might as well show the actual CPU frequency to avoid confusion.Michael Sevakis1-1/+1
2008-05-08Gigabeat S: Allow battery selection from 700mAh to 1200mAh. Default to the st...Michael Sevakis1-5/+5
2008-05-08Gigabeat S: Put in (so it appears) proper delays for USB PHY reset. Use the a...Michael Sevakis1-4/+6
2008-05-08Remove an unneeded #include and a lone "#" on a line (it's early).Michael Sevakis2-2/+0
2008-05-08Gigabeat S: Add ATA/IDE power management. Fix parameter order of regmod32 as ...Michael Sevakis4-12/+50
2008-05-08Apply 2 small size optimisations. * Put ICODE_ATTR into the function definiti...Jens Arnold1-27/+21
2008-05-07Move interrupt clearing up.Maurus Cuelenaere2-3/+3
2008-05-07H10: Disable IDE controller when the disk is powered down like on ipods.Jens Arnold1-0/+2
2008-05-07Gigabeat S technical correction: Fix instruction order because clean dcache o...Michael Sevakis1-1/+1
2008-05-06typo fixes (; instead of , at the end of two assignments) (same as r17398 for...Frank Gevaerts1-2/+2
2008-05-06typo fixes (; instead of , at the end of two assignments)Frank Gevaerts1-2/+2
2008-05-06ata_hard_reset should be synchronized.Michael Sevakis1-0/+4
2008-05-06Gigabeat S: Make sure ATA interface is idle before a reset.Michael Sevakis1-0/+3
2008-05-05Remove the last D2 yellows (user timer is not yet implemented).Rob Purchase1-5/+0
2008-05-05Of course don't forget the init code..Maurus Cuelenaere1-7/+30
2008-05-05Fix red + add some extra defines.Maurus Cuelenaere1-274/+282
2008-05-05Woops, remove debug statements..Maurus Cuelenaere1-23/+1
2008-05-05Split up DMA and ATA, but don't enable it (yet).Maurus Cuelenaere5-73/+187
2008-05-05Gigabeat S bootloader: 1) Switch order of .vectors to be contiguous with init...Michael Sevakis1-12/+12
2008-05-05Change the default background colour to black on colour targets. It fits bett...Barry Wardell1-2/+2
2008-05-05Gigabeat S: Do the controller timing settings a more cleanly.Michael Sevakis3-47/+15
2008-05-05Oops^2, probably a good idea to initialize this.Nils Wallménius1-1/+1
2008-05-05Oops, forgot one fileNils Wallménius1-0/+52
2008-05-05Alarm wake up support for Gigabeat SNils Wallménius3-0/+7
2008-05-05Mind repeat calls to ata_device_init.Michael Sevakis1-2/+16
2008-05-05Don't need the extra idle check.Michael Sevakis1-2/+0
2008-05-05Gigabeat S: Use the fastest PIO mode the installed drive allows instead of al...Michael Sevakis6-111/+173
2008-05-05Convert the whole codebase to UTF-8, except docs/COMMITTERS and tools/creativ...Nicolas Pennequin30-277/+277
2008-05-04The presence of the run list corelocks are dependent on core number and not b...Michael Sevakis1-2/+0
2008-05-04Make the H10 bootloader work again. Also fix the same problem that might be a...Barry Wardell4-8/+8
2008-05-03Disabled unused ata_led function.Bertrik Sikken1-1/+2
2008-05-03More static / header file cleanup.Bertrik Sikken5-6/+6
2008-05-03Forgot a fileMaurus Cuelenaere1-14/+14
2008-05-03More LCD stuff..Maurus Cuelenaere1-66/+98