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2008-09-02Font cleanup step 3 - The Big Shuffle: Renamed all fonts to a consistent nami...Jens Arnold1-34674/+0
2008-06-28get rid of a warningMarcoen Hirschberg1-1/+1
2008-06-25move our default glyph to the right positionMarcoen Hirschberg1-32/+14
2008-06-25Arabic support by Mohamed Tarek, closes FS#9109Marcoen Hirschberg1-2/+1845
2008-06-25add the unicode names to each glyph with gbdfedMarcoen Hirschberg1-2001/+2001
2008-06-25save in fontforge, moves the fi and fl ligatures to their correct position.Marcoen Hirschberg1-61/+61
2006-02-13add the Adobe Helvetica font.Marcoen Hirschberg1-0/+32849