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2017-10-29Revert "tlsf: pack info structs"Franklin Wei1-2/+2
This reverts commit 8a6d7cefc9bf45b979ff064d87141949e9b81ca4. Packing the structs was mostly a precautionary measure, tlsf should still work without it.
2017-10-29tlsf: remove memset() call in add_new_area()Franklin Wei1-1/+3
This call was not needed in the first place, but was causing crashes in sgt-puzzles. Removing it fixes the crashes. Change-Id: I1149d5600e1c97e0e848fdd34bf65d54c930adab
2017-10-29tlsf: pack info structsFranklin Wei1-2/+2
This should make it build cleanly under -Wcast-align, which should hopefully avoid any alignment issues on ARM. Change-Id: Ie147323d2d8cb980dcbb94710387b7ee80826c4d
2017-02-04Fix dangerous castsAmaury Pouly1-3/+4
On Windows 64-bit, the size of long is 32-bit, thus any pointer to long cast is not valid. In any case, one should use intptr_t and ptrdiff_t when casting to integers. This commit attempts to fix all instances reported by GCC. When relevant, I replaced code by the macros PTR_ADD, ALIGN_UP from system.h Change-Id: I2273b0e8465d3c4689824717ed5afa5ed238a2dc
2013-08-26lua: Switch memory allocator from dl to tlsfMarcin Bukat1-3/+11
Instead of providing yet another memory allocator implementation use tlsf and simply link tlsf library. Another small improvement is to *grow* memory pool by grabbing audiobuffer instead of just switching to use audiobuf exclusively. Tested with simple lua 'memory eater' script. This patch extends tlsf lib slightly. You can provide void *get_new_area(size_t * size) function which will override weak dummy implementation provided in lib itself. This allows to automaticaly initialize memory pool as well as grow memory pool if needed (for example grab audiobuffer when pluginbuffer is exhaused). Change-Id: I841af6b6b5bbbf546c14cbf139a7723fbb982f1b
2013-02-23Build libtlsf for all systemsFrank Gevaerts1-2/+0
libtlsf used not to be built for HWCODEC, but now that the gif viewer uses libtlsf instead of building its own copy, libtlsf is needed everywhere. Change-Id: I730719c6a20e749adb8597056d2049b7758620e4
2013-01-24Deprecate the EXTRA_LIBS variable.Björn Stenberg1-1/+0
Instead specify explicit library dependencies for codecs and plugins.
2012-03-28tlsf: move to /lib (it's also used by plugins).Thomas Martitz9-0/+1412
Change-Id: I5e37b28c1ce4608d60b036343f280af3311ad490