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2022-04-18Manual: Add Eros Q NativeDana Conrad1-49/+55
2022-04-08Manual: Update PictureFlowChristian Soffke1-1/+2
2021-06-12FS#13297: M3K Autolock allows one action before disabling touchpadDana Conrad1-2/+0
2021-04-05Add ability to always have autolock onDana Conrad1-6/+19
2020-11-18Manual: remove most HWCODEC artifactsMoshe Piekarski1-21/+19
2020-11-13usb: Add ability to prompt user about what to do upon usb insertionSolomon Peachy1-0/+6
2020-08-26xduoox3: Include curves for both battery typesSolomon Peachy1-2/+5
2020-08-24xduoox3: Initial manualSolomon Peachy1-4/+20
2020-07-24[1/4] Remove SH support and all archos targetsSolomon Peachy1-8/+3
2019-02-03FS#12353: For car adapter mode, make delay before resuming configurableSolomon Peachy1-3/+12
2018-12-15Fix Manual(s) -- Advanced KeylockWilliam Wilgus1-2/+2
2018-07-28Revert "As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu"William Wilgus1-24/+0
2018-07-27As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menuWilliam Wilgus1-0/+24
2017-01-17Selective Backlight/Advanced Softlock - Selective actions based on contextWilliam Wilgus1-8/+63
2014-10-22Manual for the Samsung YH820.Szymon Dziok1-32/+37
2014-10-22Manual for the Samsung YH920/YH925.Szymon Dziok1-16/+39
2014-10-02Manual: add default battery capacity for M:Robe 100.Szymon Dziok1-0/+1
2014-09-08Fix typo in fuze+ deadzone manual entryBenjamin Brown1-1/+1
2014-09-08Add touchpad deadzone entry in Rockbox manualBenjamin Brown1-0/+11
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2013-12-08Docs: Manual entry for touchpad settings.Benjamin Brown1-0/+14
2012-05-01Update Fuze+ manual (main files) FS#12492Jean-Louis Biasini1-45/+58
2012-03-28quickscreen: optionally display the shortcuts menu instead of the QSJonathan Gordon1-1/+4
2012-02-12Add description of the speaker keyckick settingNils Wallménius1-4/+12
2011-12-26New General Settings submenu: Startup/ShutdownNick Peskett1-32/+2
2011-11-19FS#12293 Global default glyph setting in System > Limits > Glyphs To Cache. D...Fred Bauer1-2/+8
2011-09-09Add "USB Hide Internal Drive" option for multidrive devices with software usb.Frank Gevaerts1-0/+7
2011-07-19Set the default battery capacity for ipod video properly depending on detecte...Frank Gevaerts1-5/+1
2011-06-05Manual: describe key clicks feature.Dominik Riebeling1-0/+15
2011-04-30Don't (partially) apply changes to max entries in the file browser immediatel...Magnus Holmgren1-2/+3
2011-01-17Pick up the target rename completion in the manual started in r27823 ... this...Marianne Arnold1-1/+1
2010-11-09MPIO HD200 manual - tex filesMarcin Bukat1-0/+1
2010-08-31Unify 32mb and 64mb ipod video builds - FS#11580Frank Gevaerts1-1/+5
2010-08-29Change dap{} to \dap{} in the iaudio battery capacity descriptionFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2010-08-16First step of completing the target rename in the manual. Some target specifi...Marianne Arnold1-5/+8
2010-06-06USB charging: update manualTorne Wuff1-3/+5
2010-05-20Get rid of unnecessary 'table' environment and the never used parameters for ...Alexander Levin1-12/+4
2010-05-20Another strike against ugly apostrophes in the manualAlexander Levin1-2/+2
2010-05-16Update and complete the start screen option description in the manual. Thanks...Marianne Arnold1-5/+21
2010-05-09Add non-breaking spaces to mA, mAh, MB and GB. Add playertype for iPod Video ...Andree Buschmann1-17/+17
2010-04-19Packard Bell Vibe: Manual - change the names of the buttons internally (Butto...Szymon Dziok1-21/+15
2010-04-15Packard Bell Vibe 500: Add a part of the manual (no plugin keymaps yet).Szymon Dziok1-10/+36
2010-04-14More work on consistent usage of units in the manual. Use non-breaking spaces...Andree Buschmann1-3/+2
2010-03-29Add new section 'Optimising battery runtime' to the manual (FS#11148).Andree Buschmann1-2/+2
2010-03-20Use consistent wording for line-in and -out.Andree Buschmann1-4/+4
2010-03-20Submit FS#11065. Introduce a new system setting for en-/disabling the Line-ou...Andree Buschmann1-0/+8
2009-12-15Cowon D2 manual: Platform specific information and installation instructionsTomer Shalev1-0/+1
2009-12-10Manual, USB HID: C200 does have keymap for Black screen in Presentation ModeTomer Shalev1-4/+2