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2006-03-11Patch #4816 by Nils Wallménius. Adds BrickMania to the manual.Martin Arver6-0/+39
2006-03-11Added the small pictures of the archoses from the 2.4 manual. Added screensho...Martin Arver10-127/+24
2006-03-11Patch #4813 by Nils Wallménius. Fixes to the Chip-8 section of the manualMartin Arver2-14/+40
2006-03-09oops. Mysterious Makefile commit reverted.Martin Arver1-7/+14
2006-03-09Added screenshots of the file-browser and the file-menuMartin Arver10-31/+14
2006-03-09Changes to the tables for some of the plugins. Some are adapted to the \opt e...Martin Arver17-141/+118
2006-03-09FS#4807 by Nils Wallménius (nls). Adds pictures of the players to the manu...Martin Arver5-17/+9
2006-03-08Slightly cleaner frontpage.Thom Johansen1-11/+2
2006-03-08Change the tables in the manual (except the plugins) to use booktabs instead ...Martin Arver8-171/+193
2006-03-08Config file section now reflects the wiki.Martin Arver1-200/+122
2006-03-08The WPS section of the manual now reflects the wiki. Added booktabs.sty for p...Martin Arver3-176/+497
2006-03-07Patch #4790 by Nils Wallménius. Added Bejeweled to the manual. Some minor ...Martin Arver6-7/+18
2006-03-07Added screenshots to some plugins for the 176x132x16 screens. Include the sam...Martin Arver17-19/+16
2006-03-06Added screenshots for some of the plugins for the 112x64x1 and 220x176x16 pla...Martin Arver38-0/+0
2006-03-06Added screenshots to a number of plugins for the 160x128x2 screensizes. Now m...Martin Arver37-99/+90
2006-03-06Added a new \genericimg macro to the platform-files. Added screenshots to the...Martin Arver15-10/+16
2006-02-28Clean up of the autogenerated tables. Should probably use scalebox and bookta...Martin Arver24-2061/+514
2006-02-21Patch[1430311] by Henrico Witvliet. Split plugins to individual files. Proper...Martin Arver26-1180/+1217
2006-02-11forgot to add the files..Martin Arver22-0/+2470
2006-02-11Change directory for plugins as wellMartin Arver23-2471/+1
2006-02-11Remove the old dirs as well.Martin Arver6-3002/+0
2006-02-11Renamed the chapter directories to allow for a more flexible handling of the ...Martin Arver7-5/+3007
2006-02-06typoChristi Scarborough1-1/+1
2006-02-06Rockbox manual in LaTeX initial commit. New option 'manual' added to configu...Christi Scarborough47-0/+7072