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2006-02-21Patch[1430311] by Henrico Witvliet. Split plugins to individual files. Proper...Martin Arver26-1180/+1217
2006-02-11forgot to add the files..Martin Arver22-0/+2470
2006-02-11Change directory for plugins as wellMartin Arver23-2471/+1
2006-02-11Remove the old dirs as well.Martin Arver6-3002/+0
2006-02-11Renamed the chapter directories to allow for a more flexible handling of the ...Martin Arver7-5/+3007
2006-02-06typoChristi Scarborough1-1/+1
2006-02-06Rockbox manual in LaTeX initial commit. New option 'manual' added to configu...Christi Scarborough47-0/+7072