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2008-01-10Patch FS#8441 by Marc Guay - rewording of the Shuffle and Repeat optionsLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-7/+5
2008-01-03Fix typo(s) and use British English.Marianne Arnold1-2/+2
2008-01-01First 'oops' commit of the year: on the e200 the macros are called 'ButtonScr...Marianne Arnold1-1/+3
2007-12-30Add the missing brickmania screenshots to the c200 and 5/6GB H10 manual. Fill...Marianne Arnold3-6/+13
2007-12-25Overhaul of the 'system options' chapter in the manual, introducing a few new...Marianne Arnold22-39/+125
2007-12-17Accept FS #8323 by David Bishop: always use the term bootloaderPeter D'Hoye4-36/+36
2007-12-17Accept FS #8313 by David Bishop: always use the term websitePeter D'Hoye3-5/+5
2007-12-14Manual: apply FS#8309 by David Bishop (replace all occurences of 'folder/fold...Marianne Arnold20-84/+80
2007-12-14Small tweaks/corrections to system options manual section.Thom Johansen1-14/+19
2007-12-14Correct some errors, do some nitpicking and rewrite some stuff for the sound ...Thom Johansen1-27/+30
2007-12-13FS #8315 and FS #8316, plus some of my own small changes. Pretty much just mi...Thom Johansen10-24/+24
2007-12-13Manual: Edit the H10 platform files and the fmradio.tex to reflect the recent...Marianne Arnold4-22/+38
2007-12-13Fill in some volume/bass/treble values for some targets. Shorten the EQ secti...Thom Johansen1-55/+48
2007-12-06Fix missing whitespace and correct upper limit of entries in playlistNils Wallménius1-2/+2
2007-12-05'Enable' the virtual keyboard button table in the c200 manual and correct the...Marianne Arnold2-4/+4
2007-12-05The RockboxUtilityQt wiki page has been renamed to RockboxUtilityDave Chapman1-1/+1
2007-12-02Small tweaks related to the pitch screenNils Wallménius1-13/+18
2007-12-01enable ab-repeat for gigabeatRobert Kukla1-1/+7
2007-11-24Update the manual for the iPod Video changes to hardware equalizer.Dan Everton1-17/+25
2007-11-23More fixes for the e200 manual: Proper keymap for the FM screen Paul Louden2-7/+7
2007-11-22Fix error in the manual: In the tree "Power" stops playback on the e200.Paul Louden1-1/+1
2007-11-20Manual typo fixLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+1
2007-11-20Fix the manual to reflect my previous commit, at least to the extent the Paul Louden1-2/+2
2007-11-14Include alarm in the h10 manualsNils Wallménius11-1/+31
2007-11-12Include backlight brightness in manuals for ipod nano and videoNils Wallménius2-0/+2
2007-11-10Improved font installation instructions by Alex ParkerNils Wallménius1-12/+27
2007-11-05Add missing descriptions for display settings, mirror various HAVE_* defines ...Nils Wallménius22-22/+92
2007-11-04FS#7232 - Fix some inconsistencies within the Sansa keymap. Makes it Paul Louden1-5/+5
2007-10-26Spelling mistake reported by boyko on IRC.Catalin Patulea1-1/+1
2007-10-23update manual with recent changes to mpegplayerRobert Kukla1-13/+49
2007-10-22Add missing c200 chessbox screenshot.Marianne Arnold1-0/+0
2007-10-22Flipit for Sansa c200 and add the help text in the welcome screen for both Sa...Marianne Arnold2-6/+7
2007-10-19Chessbox: ported to c200, also simplify the tile size calculation (thanks to ...Marianne Arnold1-3/+4
2007-10-16Mandelbrot: make increasing/decreasing iterations on X5/M5 actually usable (t...Marianne Arnold1-41/+53
2007-10-16Jewels: use 'Power' on M5/X5 to exit the plugin as in every other plugin. Men...Marianne Arnold1-87/+33
2007-10-16Blackjack: small improvement in the c200 buttonmap - use the volume buttons i...Marianne Arnold1-9/+10
2007-10-16Pong: small improvement in the c200 buttonmap; the left paddle is now control...Marianne Arnold1-4/+6
2007-10-16These two files should have been part of the first 'fill out plugin button ta...Marianne Arnold2-13/+21
2007-10-16Add two missing 'robotfindskitten' screenshots and mention the buttons in the...Marianne Arnold3-2/+3
2007-10-16Manual: fill out some more button tables in the plugin chapter especially for...Marianne Arnold14-64/+93
2007-10-13Oops, forgot the new fileNils Wallménius1-0/+113
2007-10-13Update manual to reflect the introduction of the 'Theme Settings' menu, add d...Nils Wallménius4-81/+16
2007-10-10Update the manual for r12321: the progressbar's y position is customisable.Nicolas Pennequin1-1/+1
2007-10-07One file was hoding from the 'hold vs. long' commit. ;)Marianne Arnold1-7/+7
2007-10-07Replace all occurances of 'Hold ButtonX' with 'Long ButtonX' in the button ta...Marianne Arnold15-46/+46
2007-10-07Add new action descriptions for the alarm screen, correct the buttons for ipo...Nils Wallménius9-12/+44
2007-10-06Avoid additional spaces introduced by latex for every 'opt' which made it loo...Marianne Arnold1-7/+7
2007-10-06Fill out some plugin button tables in the c200 manual.Marianne Arnold4-26/+34
2007-10-06C200 manual: corrections and minor additions with regards to the use of some ...Marianne Arnold2-4/+4
2007-10-05Set missing keyword prop on the robotfindskitten manual file.Jonas Häggqvist1-1/+1