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2014-10-02Manual: add M:Robe 100 to "Using ROLO" subsection.Szymon Dziok1-1/+1
Change-Id: Idab44f91ff5beb59cc7c7d858066e3db35fe2413
2014-10-02Manual: Unify and simplify manual uninstallation for couple targets.Szymon Dziok5-22/+10
Change-Id: Ib90aaf3652be4ea4cfc5f873aa5ab1f4ef4dd004
2014-09-18Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90Simon Rothen3-0/+1966
The port to for this two targets has been entirely developped by Ilia Sergachev (alias Il or xzcc). His source can be found at . The few necesary modifications for the DX90 port was done by headwhacker form Unfortunately i could not try out the final state of the DX90 port. The port is hosted on android (without java) as standalone app. The official Firmware is required to run this port. Ilia did modify the source files for the "android" target in the rockbox source to make the DX port work. The work I did was to separate the code for DX50 (&DX90) from the android target. On this Target Ilia used source from tinyalsa from AOSP. I did not touch that part of the code because I do not understand it. What else I changed from Ilias sources besides the separation from the target "android": * removed a dirty hack to keep backlight off * changed value battery meter to voltage battery meter * made all plugins compile (named target as "standalone") and added keymaps * i added the graphics for the manual but did not do anything else for the manual yet * minor optimizations known bugs: * timers are slowed donw when playback is active (tinyalsa related?) * some minor bugs Things to do: * The main prolem will be how to install the app correctly. A guy called DOC2008 added a CWM (by to the official firmware and Ilia made a CWM installation script and a dualboot selector (rbutils/ibassoboot, build with ndk-build). We will have to find a way to install rockbox in a proper way without breaking any copyrights. Maybe ADB is an option but it is not enable with OF by default. Patching the OF is probably the way to go. * All the wiki and manual to build: needed: android ndk installed, android sdk installed with additional build-tools 19.1.0 installed ./tools/configure select iBasso DX50 or iBasso DX90 make -j apk the content of needs to be copied to /system/rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox/ (rockbox app not needed) the content of libs/armeabi to /system/rockbox/lib/ (rockbox app needed) The boot selector is needed as /system/bin/MangoPlayer and the iBasso app as /system/bin/MangoPlayer_original. There is also the "vold" file. The one from OF does not work with DX50 rockbox (DX90 works!?), the one from Ilia is necessary. Until we have found a proper way to install it, it can only be installed following the instructions of Ilia on his bitbucket page, using the CWM-OF and his installation script package. Change-Id: Ic4faaf84824c162aabcc08e492cee6e0068719d0 Reviewed-on: Tested: Chiwen Chang <> Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
2014-09-16Remove long-obsolete note about different 32MB/64MB ipod video builds.Frank Gevaerts1-3/+0
Thanks to Arthur Ferral for reporting (FS#12999) Change-Id: Ia399fa7f02d3a5d5304f28a0b3d5a4ea637841ae
2014-09-15FS#9583 - periodic tableFranklin Wei2-0/+15
- original rockbox port: Yifu Huang - original work: Jonathan Bettencourt - modifications made: - PLA-fied - Add element 117 (ununseptium) - Implemented up/down - Fixed actinide/lanthanide navigation so that they are between scandium and titanium - Added manual entry - Fixed FG/BG colors Change-Id: Ibabfb0d28f794689ffcd8b9c360fb969d118de08 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
2014-09-11Rockbox Manual - Gigabeat FX and Fuze+ Touchpad Config AppendixBenjamin Brown1-0/+10
Added to config_file_options.tex, sections for gigbeat and fuze+ sensitivity settings, also fuze+ touchpad deadzone setting. Change-Id: I9bba52ca0ca5525e6a6fb337f6940d11571ee06a Reviewed-on: Tested: Benjamin Brown <> Reviewed-by: Frank Gevaerts <>
2014-09-09Manual: add images for 128x96x16 resolution (YH-820).Szymon Dziok71-0/+0
Change-Id: If9a9c5eb733f61eddfe94a193db6d195c099d599
2014-09-08Fix typo in fuze+ deadzone manual entryBenjamin Brown1-1/+1
Change-Id: I789a839941fa765e27fc91abcd5b395ab2df1316 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-09-08Manual: Delete another three duplicated and unused files. Fix one filename.Szymon Dziok4-0/+0
Change-Id: Ice3ecc9db6202e3eb6dca23a156b7d9344b6973d
2014-09-08Manual: delete unnecessary image.Szymon Dziok1-0/+0
The same file is under group of images called "ss-mandelbrot". Change-Id: I00fd11417c64e7778a5873986c5df5e9c813bbeb
2014-09-08Correct some file permissions.Szymon Dziok3-0/+0
Change-Id: I4a092a19d6a9c66dfeb2777c9655aa4b19d11e16
2014-09-08Add touchpad deadzone entry in Rockbox manualBenjamin Brown2-0/+12
Change-Id: I227ba30628343db15e46e0250ba62e024d5b7ba1 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-09-04Updated pictures of the YH's for the manual.Szymon Dziok9-816/+552
SVG changes: fixed some quirks in Samsung logo, aligned text, cleanup. Change-Id: I29e43e68782b5d7b325d16e15e02c79a131349c6
2014-08-12Added 2048 gameFranklin Wei2-0/+18
Change-Id: I4012dca4f93ca0db386a454635534f648ba906e9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <> Tested: Michael Giacomelli <>
2014-07-17SVG image of the Creative Zen Mozaic and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+2854
Change-Id: I594afa62b5c5a3cef1dcf4d4249a13688e425267 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-07-02Finished SVG Image for Sansa Clip Zip.Szymon Dziok3-0/+830
Added labels and power button. Original author: Marko Pahlke, FS#12602 Change-Id: I17cfa245fcd36755162a3c527de6ba768568a376
2014-07-02SVG image of the Sony NWZ-E360 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+3665
Change-Id: I2783dd39a773d952997e4a6d28916290e0dd5f65 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-06-28Fix one more spot in the manual where the number of bands was not updated.Michael Giacomelli1-1/+1
Change-Id: I082ccf8ee960751d7cd9bbe855881b530c68c114
2014-06-20Add Q factor graphic to EQ settins in the manual.Michael Giacomelli2-7/+22
Change-Id: I77a36537e7e9c82c8ecf351205de6c8178140794
2014-06-10SVG image of the Sony NWZ-E370 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+11103
Change-Id: I60720f7fb1c02e0cf6b75ecb55343640d9eeb2e9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-06-09Update SVG image of the Creative Zen Xfi 3.Szymon Dziok3-13/+13
Previously buttons was wrongly signed. Change-Id: I10fdc126bb289f4cf5c0cbc482346356d7cc96f9
2014-05-30SVG image of the Creative Zen MX and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1796
Change-Id: I2481f8d02822b65f3274ddc394b2498e6e30c5b3 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-05-28SVG image of the Creative Zen Xfi and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+3199
Change-Id: I4c0f0b3549c9e6205f610706d95a2807b13a97a6 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-05-09SVG image of the Creative Zen Xfi 2 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+2170
Change-Id: If40ebf47575d57949c815d524e8ea81755428149 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-04-24SVG image of the Creative Zen Vision M, plus other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1368
Change-Id: I4d40ed6dfecca19bfab9f5fceed39fb7e94c8415 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-04-24SVG image of the Creative Zen Xfi 3 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+992
Change-Id: Id5dc9b5e41a48220596b56ecbd3a83f217dca48b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-04-24SVG image of the Creative Zen, plus other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1771
Change-Id: Ibf43faf39edf4ba5969fb68998f87a08502a83ce Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-04-24SVG image of the Creative Zen Xfi Style, plus other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1651
Change-Id: I7ca315d2dced47b79437bd3a84e1a05300c0bd7f Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-04-14manual: Add missing Frequency setting descriptionMichael Giacomelli1-0/+12
Change-Id: Ic552fd1e4df83a9c3889a700512d6e7a18a600d5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Marcin Bukat <>
2014-01-28Update manual to match 1b53f448.Frank Gevaerts1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ide61bc37462b0aeb938f17dbcfd9e96bcd9e86d1
2014-01-27Manual: add images for the ipod 6G, made by me.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1308
Change-Id: Ia95d241b41cbdacfe334de1538c3bd5fc45dfc42 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Szymon Dziok <>
2014-01-22manual: Correct playlist subsection in the wps context menu section.Thomas Martitz1-4/+3
The "Save Current Playlist" isnt part of the playlist viewer settings. While at this section also add a reference to the extra playlist chapter. Change-Id: I68e494430dc00c6172859b0b8d9edbe5b0116741
2014-01-13Implement volume limiter featurePurlingNayuki1-0/+6
Add a "volume limit" parameter to the configuration file. The maximum value of volume setting in sound menu will be limited to the same as volume limit. Also each time when setvol() is excuted, Rockbox will check if the global_settings.volume value larger than global_settings.volume_limit. If larger, take the value of volume_limit instead. The volume_limit argument shares the same maximum and minimum values with volume argument, while taking the maximum volume as its default value. Change-Id: I8ca9bc6ea6e617b48fc346aae5f2a0a1d259ae36 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jonathan Gordon <>
2014-01-13Improve wording.Thomas Martitz1-2/+2
Change-Id: I2e59fe8eb2d71968586fb035250978c90a619f76
2014-01-13manual: Update bar tags for new noborder parameter and default value for y.Thomas Martitz1-2/+5
Change-Id: I4587ed5f073bd66d4efdf925b7beeca9a8b14a07
2013-12-15DSP Compressor: Sidechain, Exponential Atk/RlsRyan Billing1-0/+3
This is an improvement to the current compressor which I have added to my own Sansa Fuze V2 build. I am submitting here in case others find it interesting. Features added to the existing compressor: Attack, Look-ahead, Sidechain Filtering. Exponential attack and release characteristic response. Benefits from adding missing features: Attack: Preserve perceived "brightness" of tone by letting onset transients come through at a higher level than the rest of the compressed program material. Look-ahead: With Attack comes clipping on the leading several cycles of a transient onset. With look-ahead function, this can be pre-emptively mitigated with a slower gain change (less distortion). Look-ahead limiting is implemented to prevent clipping while keeping gain change ramp to an interval near 3ms instead of instant attack. The existing compressor implementation distorts the leading edge of a transient by causing instant gain change, resulting in log() distortion. This sounds "woofy" to me. Exponential Attack/Release: eMore natural sounding. On attack, this is a true straight line of 10dB per attack interval. Release is a little different, however, sounds natural as an analog compressor. Sidechain Filtering: Mild high-pass filter reduces response to low frequency onsets. For example, a hard kick drum is less likely to make the whole of the program material appear to fade in and out. Combined with a moderate attack time, such a transient will ride through with minimal audible artifact. Overall these changes make dynamic music sound more "open", more natural. The goal of a compressor is to make dyanamic music sound louder without necessarily sounding as though it has been compressed. I believe these changes come closer to this goal. Enjoy. If not, I am enjoying it Change-Id: I664eace546c364b815b4dc9ed4a72849231a0eb2 Reviewed-on: Tested: Purling Nayuki <> Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
2013-12-08Fix typo in the manualAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
Change-Id: I1110901c080852b37e70a111e55c35c7f2b4e6d7
2013-12-08Docs: Manual entry for touchpad settings.Benjamin Brown3-1/+16
New section Touchpad added to the manual. Gigabeatfx and SansaFuze+ entries added for touchpad sensitivity setting. Change-Id: I0c5a173d6ad479c4e6995cf5045d90da6cc216ab Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Benjamin Brown <> Tested: Benjamin Brown <> Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
2013-07-18[Fuze+][Keymaps] Application and viewer keymaps updateJean-Louis Biasini9-40/+65
Last core update for keymaps and manual. Manual is now 100% complete Change-Id: I9ad33206ecea41a88cba7a355da911fa7ab0455d Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2013-07-16[Fuze+][Keymaps] keymaps for radio and recorder updateJean-Louis Biasini2-4/+10
1) Now that recording is working a few keymaps update are required. 2) also implement the radio.c file so that fm dedicated keymaps works. 3) implement some missing fm keymaps 4) manual updated accordingly Change-Id: I40be3e245853ccb9ed7a5bc5a76fe4ed90772272 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2013-07-16[Manual] Document soft lock for FMJean-Louis Biasini1-0/+8
After the recent soft lock implementation for FM, this adds the related information in the manual for Fuze+ and Clip/clip+ (basicaly it's a copy/paste from WPS section). Change-Id: I23c39d7b3763eb2b9897187baa3a9b2663003cf7 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2013-04-20Manual: fix minor error with D2 OF filenamesAlex Parker1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ieeca972ae819d33309d204f96d17471e5e390139
2013-02-22Manual: The c200v2 also needs to be set to MSC mode for installation.Alex Parker1-1/+1
Change-Id: If49f35073544fa7b18cbffa6885b4bc4b98c42d4
2013-02-18Manual: add missing plugin keymaps for Sansa Clip (all models)Rafaël Carré33-153/+172
Change-Id: I92662c375a6600ed441253fe601f443921ce9169
2013-02-18snake2 manual: remove obsolete in menu keymapsRafaël Carré1-42/+0
Change-Id: Id8ed65a28c7ddc1b67b40402d3a3aa577329a367
2013-02-14[Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscilloscopeJean-Louis Biasini1-1/+2
thanks to pixelma for having pointed this out and correcting the first patch Change-Id: I79f6264a5290906b0d7abd1703df79fde104cb4a Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2013-02-14Revert "[Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscilloscope"Torne Wuff1-1/+1
This reverts commit 200d0c8c0547ada139c2250ce564d3262a1bae39. The Vibe500 manual was broken by this.
2013-02-14[Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscilloscopeJean-Louis Biasini1-1/+1
thanks to pixelma for having pointed this out Change-Id: Iac8b997f42b8fb0f964f1f40ce1d2e7e286d4c04 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2013-02-10manual: remove references to SVN and change "current build" toNils Wallménius1-4/+3
"development build". Change-Id: I2b8a3d43bc1feae9050b56ff7c8b43ce675e0abd
2013-02-09manual: Remove invadrox and pacbox from targets that don't build themRafaël Carré1-2/+2
Change-Id: I67cc773ce0bfdf0054d92072617ee5a8e498413b