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5 dayspictureflow: Fix 'Update Cache' function and update manualChristian Soffke1-4/+3
The artwork cache was previously always rebuilt, even if you had selected the option to update. "Preparing artwork" should be much quicker now after a database update. Change-Id: Ie81486e29d596b52afd21b01ba54c73f1b402be2
13 daysapps: Add "keep current track when replacing playlist" settingAidan MacDonald2-1/+10
Add a setting that makes Play and Play Shuffled in the playlist context menu leave the current song (if any) playing when they replace the playlist. Default to on, since this was the behavior of the old "Clear List & Play Next" option. Change-Id: I1340aed5c28bb3244e36d0953b3308ae59681c97
13 daysapps: Change playlist context menu behavior, fix FS#13336Aidan MacDonald1-19/+16
Rename the "Clear List & Play" options to simply Play and Play Shuffled, and change their behavior slightly. Previously they would leave the current song playing, but now they will start playing the first song of the new playlist immediately. Shuffle options are now consistently hidden whenever a single file is selected. Fixes FS#13336 -- Play Shuffled is now always displayed where applicable, regardless of playback state. Change-Id: Idd454b4f9ab2c98cda3ce0389add747a3273fb42
2022-05-09manual: Fix up some issues to try and get texlive2021 working ok.Solomon Peachy4-14/+18
Change-Id: I6fd5cfd7f27792cffbd061d96fdc8c852cc85050
2022-04-19Manual: Add Eros Q Native Bootloader download linkDana Conrad1-0/+1
Forgot this in the previous patchset Change-Id: I3f58e31e57e90cf3bc5f4b02a37ac4c99e8e52b4
2022-04-18Manual: Add Eros Q NativeDana Conrad11-107/+286
Here is the PDF this patchset produces: Change-Id: I27554cb65a6498a6ccb714d4f93f25264b516e99
2022-04-08Manual: Update PictureFlowChristian Soffke2-28/+89
- Update the manual entry for PictureFlow with the latest features and fix keymap - Strongly suggest enabling the database's "Load to RAM" feature (in my experience, this can lead to a ~60x speedup when building the album index) - Suggest enabling the dircache, as it can noticeably improve the loading times for album art. Change-Id: I12c7ce5d5388159da1790fc125f2e20bb78dbf96
2022-04-08Manual: Update fiiom3k keymapChristian Soffke2-12/+12
Change-Id: I98250262a3ec17edcd35487411c42db6bfd5ce66
2022-03-26Last FM scrobbler remove manual entryWilliam Wilgus1-12/+0
Change-Id: Ib49ceac9858c28813c596a38dd5376928330598f
2022-02-07sync clock with RDS timeWolfram Sang2-0/+9
Tested with my SansaClip+. I don't think this will need extra battery but let me know if I am wrong. Change-Id: I287dae134113e0f8a138af68f5087b8ea45b0f4c
2022-02-01misc: Add 'mpga' as a valid file extensionSolomon Peachy2-65/+65
Some podcasts use this, apparently. Change-Id: I24f372ed760f15e204dba3a99552ad3b6a051515
2022-01-30Fix manual build on some targets (76a2a00732)Solomon Peachy1-3/+2
Change-Id: Iaf87d11cd2ce3faf9b98da0a1978dfd3fcdb2ba8
2022-01-30manual: reenable "Configuring the Theme" for devices without remote LCDWolfram Sang1-0/+1
Commit 0c4f89370d ("[2/4] get rid of HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS") missed a closing brace which disabled the above topic in my Sansa Clip+ manual. Change-Id: Ic7a104757f258a37628645389dbfa1b6c8499415
2022-01-29FiiO M3K: audio recordingAidan MacDonald1-0/+12
Recording works now, although I'm sure there will be a few things that need fine-tuning. A major issue is that writing to the SD card creates noticable interference, which happens on the original firmware too but seems worse under Rockbox. (Since Rockbox waits until RAM fills up before writing data, the interference will only be heard on >50 MiB recordings.) Change-Id: I5561dd9668c3bdd34e92f34ef50848aef8c0b7eb
2022-01-22Option to switch off album art or to prefer file over embeddedChristian Soffke2-0/+12
Large embedded album art can cause pauses during playback or when skipping between tracks, especially on older devices, but embedded art is currently loaded even when separately stored smaller image files would be available. A workaround is to remove large album art from the metadata of files. This now adds a setting to either turn off loading of album art completely, or to prefer loading the album art from a separate image file and thus ignore the embedded versions. Change-Id: I22fb581abf56072e35e6c29d72e553747ec1a96a
2022-01-16manual: Document the DAC power mode settingAidan MacDonald1-0/+21
Make a note of the fact that the M3K DAC's high performance setting is not necessarily the highest quality setting -- see forum post,52917.msg249741.html#msg249741 Change-Id: If0196d2a224868aae10d61f66bac2e8c6843263f
2022-01-01Manual: fix FS#12603Christian Soffke1-0/+4
"root menu order" item missing from "Config file options" chapter Change-Id: If6a9adeee3734db73dbf56fa84ade0ee6df4ef9d
2021-12-11Additional Single Mode optionsChristian Soffke2-4/+8
In addition to the existing behavior of pausing after each song, this adds options to pause after playing current: Album, Album Artist, Artist, Composer, Grouping / Work, or Genre. Allows you, for example, to only listen to the remaining movements of a classical work without having to purge your playlist of any upcoming songs. Change-Id: If18f4a5d139320026cc5fcc9adf29dd8e4e028a8
2021-12-11Add setting for numeric list sort orderAidan MacDonald2-0/+7
The sort order of numeric lists can now be changed with the new "List Order" setting. It defaults to ascending for most scrollwheel targets and descending for all others, matching the old hardcoded behavior. Change-Id: I4866f04ec5995158edf9e40badf7f661b3ddea81
2021-12-09Manual (HTML): fix image aspect ratio and sizeChristian Soffke5-28/+35
Change-Id: If7c680badcb1a493e2a2059d84ea5b154382bad2
2021-12-08Add setting to hide shutdown messageChristian Soffke2-0/+6
Also keeps display from lighting up before shutdown, which reduces distractions, especially at night and when the sleep timer is used by allowing the screen to remain dark. Change-Id: I1c2d1966f6fb9766532adf01e8828876a871857f
2021-11-28manual: fix layout of Backlight Exemptions descriptionAidan MacDonald1-6/+6
Use a {description} block rather than an {itemize} since the latter doesn't look very good here. Change-Id: Ic1052085ff1bd523bfa7e3637aa8bf9691eb785f
2021-11-24Manual: Update Metadata limitationsChristian Soffke1-2/+7
Limit for devices with more than 8MB of memory had previously been increased from 300 to 500 bytes for individual fields, and to 1800 from 900 bytes for buffer containing all fields. See a8846e3 Change-Id: I63305c50f6f486ad321664babdb94052ea9209a9
2021-11-11Add setting for disabling wrap-around listsChristian Soffke2-0/+4
Allows user to decide whether scrolling lists will wrap around to the opposite end after the first or last item has been reached. Change-Id: I22156812cf4c857ddc4b6c48c1cef013b1985260
2021-11-10manual: add space after \ActionFMPresetWolfram Sang1-2/+2
Change-Id: I27a4bc07ead6de6c65ebd61f34d5f78a4057d738
2021-11-10Manual: add Single Mode to config file optionsChristian Soffke1-0/+1
Change-Id: I37d12185d59f251100234400d59e41d0e2954b04
2021-11-05Add single playback modeMoshe Piekarski1-0/+5
(FS#482) Change-Id: I8b4c3e4ffb6975122153e82f2b9848c382195163
2021-10-21whitespace fixesChristian Soffke1-1/+1
Change-Id: I86880595b78e3cae62361c32ca57cf6f6a4ad963
2021-08-25Shanling Q1: minor update to keymapAidan MacDonald1-3/+3
- Enable repeat for prev/next keys - Provide a way to access the context menu using buttons - Update the manual Change-Id: I53a7474cc64f915851175aea0695229c581fd8a6
2021-08-22xduoox3: A few manual improvementsSolomon Peachy2-3/+3
* Fix a typo in a URL * Note how to enter the OF from the bootloader * Document how to perform a hard reset Change-Id: I96d0d64cbd251573e1c5c55657ee5c5db510d9a6
2021-08-20manual: Don't expect first char of name in CREDITS to be ASCII.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
Fixes some names not showing in the manual. Note that there's one name left not showing due to LaTeX unicode support missing the characters. Change-Id: I9f1d0d3d49b485be54c83486a23cf97c82d257c8
2021-08-20manual: Add workaround for older KOMAscript versions.Dominik Riebeling1-0/+8
KOMAscript 3.28 changes \ifpdfoutput to \Ifpdfoutput. Add a check and redefine the new command as the old one if it's missing since only the name was changed. Not all Linux distros have a recent enough version yet. Change-Id: Ie709a1c85f10e1ddebb703ae50d3539f1aeee8bb
2021-07-24rocker: First crack at manual for the AGPTek RockerSolomon Peachy6-3/+146
It needs screenshots and slightly better installation instructions Includes bits shared with other HibyOS platforms Change-Id: I1c1974143b5badf1aca5c3281556ce553ab1b8a5
2021-07-24Add Fiio M3K and Shanling Q1 manualsAidan MacDonald8-7/+482
Includes installation instructions and a description of Rockbox's limitations versus the original firmware. Some things are still missing, notably screenshots for the Q1. The M3K image also needs to be updated to include the 'select' button. Change-Id: Ib533206df01925203edeccdd75e1bf22f407e794
2021-06-12FS#13297: M3K Autolock allows one action before disabling touchpadDana Conrad1-2/+0
Intercept buttonpress and action, and nullify both if the button is part of the touchpad. Only affects autolock functionality. Adding removal of note about autolock in the manual - the lock button no longer needs to be pressed at least once to prime the autolock, if enabled, since commit 14f7a95 Change-Id: Ic3582764df490d96abc2d78116f23cbe0fdd6173
2021-05-23manual: Migrate the manual from freenode to liberaSolomon Peachy1-1/+1
Change-Id: I6a9ae1661b69dcaaddee75f3739f9c8dc8a940df
2021-05-03FS#13287 - Load a newly saved playlist and resume where it wasDana Conrad1-0/+7
Works from any playlist saving operation accessed from the While Playing Screen, all other playlist saving operations are unchanged. Now a user-selectable setting! Located in General Settings -> Playlists -> Current Playlist -> Reload After Saving (Yes/No) Change-Id: I5085c3f4c56c518a812d5ee015d15cc4dca19a28
2021-04-09xduoox3: Global volume_limit now applies to the line output as wellSolomon Peachy1-37/+38
The X3's line out is a bit hot, at ~4.3Vpp, so allow it to be backed off. (On my X3, backing it off to -6dB brings Vpp down to ~3.4V) Change-Id: Iea38ef1c6a1b183d0f8fb4eaf2bf9ed6b350a532
2021-04-05Add ability to always have autolock onDana Conrad2-10/+23
Tested on ErosQ Added a setting in the Advanced Softlock menu to always have autolock on, rather than having to "arm" it with the softlock button. Lock/Unlock still works the same with this on, but when the screen turns off, the device always ends up in the locked state. Requires Autolock On to be set as well, and the normal Autolock functionality is unchanged with this off. Caveat: the power/softlock button must be pressed at least once after powering on the device or enabling the feature. After that, it should consistently always "arm" the autolock. Added feature to manual in manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex. Also updated some labels I had changed in the Advanced Key Lock menu and added information for Disable All Lock Notifications in a previous commit. Shared items also updated in manual/configure_rockbox/display_options.tex for selective backlight. Change-Id: I09dc6814bee803e40c7088157e1fe9d01d5f3474
2021-04-02h300: Fix html manual generationSolomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ie2ba93e9b6fef1ca8d724982a0e555a502ebd43d
2021-03-17Manual: Mention/reference viewing playlists through the File BrowserChristian Soffke1-2/+5
Change-Id: Ia81cc15fea65af52fede0b417e62e8f3d7f6bdc3
2021-03-17Manual: update description of Current Playlist menu optionsChristian Soffke1-6/+14
- note that availability of options depends on player state - present options that only insert tracks separately from those that also remove tracks - add short intro for the latter. Change-Id: Ie99ef7dff77da0cb136c761da1c11f83936f86f5
2021-03-16Offer function to Clear List & Play Shuffled when playback is stoppedChristian Soffke1-1/+4
(as per multiple user requests) When playback is stopped, Rockbox will display an option to clear the current playlist and add selected tracks in random order, if Shuffled Adding options are enabled in Settings. Insert options will not be displayed anymore when playback is stopped to lessen confusion. Change-Id: I5e5819149027e63e5c6f30213e838c0d7e7de8d5
2021-03-14Customizable Current Playlist SubmenuChristian Soffke4-6/+48
Options to add shuffled tracks and to queue tracks in the Current Playlist Submenu can now be hidden, or the latter can also be put into its own submenu. Users can customize this in Settings by going to "General Settings - Playlists -> Current Playlist" and choosing from "Show Shuffled Adding Options" (No / Yes) or "Show Queue Options" (No / Yes / In Submenu). Allows for the paring down of the set of choices to a minimum of the 4 more common ones for adding tracks to a dynamic playlist (coming from the current total of 11). Defaults have been set so that users have to actively modify their settings to notice any difference, which makes it unlikely that anybody's workflow would be negatively affected by this change. Change-Id: Ibe48fc4da2c79f54cd7272df8e1e3ba9955203e5
2021-03-12Update manual (Working with Playlists)Christian Soffke1-23/+23
- Bring description of "Create Playlist" command up to date - Explain that entries added by Insert Shuffled aren't contiguous - Introduce Queue options in a short paragraph Change-Id: I1104449f72a78794368b6d8c4d0574bb645c93b2
2021-03-11Manual: Updates to Playlist Catalogue menuChristian Soffke2-16/+20
Keeping in sync with how Rockbox currently works: - Context menu doesn't include an option to "View Catalogue" anymore - What used to be the "Playlists" menu is now the context menu of the "Playlist Catalogue" - Context menu includes an option to "Reset Playlist Catalogue Directory" Also updated info regarding the "Create Playlist" option. Change-Id: I717bab9d26a9a08fb95083b67a779541e00a0fd3
2021-03-11Manual: fix spellingChristian Soffke1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ief54632bd3c6e672e0574226f5d7edf760b43875
2021-03-10Move "View" option for playlists up one levelChristian Soffke1-0/+2
The "View" option for playlists/.m3u files is currently part of the "Current Playlist" submenu even though it refers to the selected file/playlist and has nothing to do with the current playlist. It has been relocated to the context menu of the playlist file where it makes more sense and is easier to get to. Change-Id: I806ed46a7315293d7d20f29ed004cc8ab58cdcb7
2021-03-10Fix "Playlist" vs. "Current Playlist" menu terminology in manualChristian Soffke2-10/+10
The manual has been updated to reflect the fact that the current title of the submenu for adding music in the context menu is "Current Playlist". (The WPS context menu has a different submenu called "Playlist") Change-Id: I2bbeabad6d24673c46d3322529478c4a7a61ca88
2021-03-09UI: Rename "Play Next" to "Clear List & Play Next"Christian Soffke1-5/+6
The "Play Next" function replaces the current dynamic playlist, so it makes sense to convey that information to the user when displaying the option in a context menu. Change-Id: Ic6e03e4adbd811e28b5cfeba36b64c5e8a7db2f9