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13 daysxduoox3: Global volume_limit now applies to the line output as wellSolomon Peachy1-37/+38
The X3's line out is a bit hot, at ~4.3Vpp, so allow it to be backed off. (On my X3, backing it off to -6dB brings Vpp down to ~3.4V) Change-Id: Iea38ef1c6a1b183d0f8fb4eaf2bf9ed6b350a532
2021-04-05Add ability to always have autolock onDana Conrad2-10/+23
Tested on ErosQ Added a setting in the Advanced Softlock menu to always have autolock on, rather than having to "arm" it with the softlock button. Lock/Unlock still works the same with this on, but when the screen turns off, the device always ends up in the locked state. Requires Autolock On to be set as well, and the normal Autolock functionality is unchanged with this off. Caveat: the power/softlock button must be pressed at least once after powering on the device or enabling the feature. After that, it should consistently always "arm" the autolock. Added feature to manual in manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex. Also updated some labels I had changed in the Advanced Key Lock menu and added information for Disable All Lock Notifications in a previous commit. Shared items also updated in manual/configure_rockbox/display_options.tex for selective backlight. Change-Id: I09dc6814bee803e40c7088157e1fe9d01d5f3474
2021-04-02h300: Fix html manual generationSolomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ie2ba93e9b6fef1ca8d724982a0e555a502ebd43d
2021-03-17Manual: Mention/reference viewing playlists through the File BrowserChristian Soffke1-2/+5
Change-Id: Ia81cc15fea65af52fede0b417e62e8f3d7f6bdc3
2021-03-17Manual: update description of Current Playlist menu optionsChristian Soffke1-6/+14
- note that availability of options depends on player state - present options that only insert tracks separately from those that also remove tracks - add short intro for the latter. Change-Id: Ie99ef7dff77da0cb136c761da1c11f83936f86f5
2021-03-16Offer function to Clear List & Play Shuffled when playback is stoppedChristian Soffke1-1/+4
(as per multiple user requests) When playback is stopped, Rockbox will display an option to clear the current playlist and add selected tracks in random order, if Shuffled Adding options are enabled in Settings. Insert options will not be displayed anymore when playback is stopped to lessen confusion. Change-Id: I5e5819149027e63e5c6f30213e838c0d7e7de8d5
2021-03-14Customizable Current Playlist SubmenuChristian Soffke4-6/+48
Options to add shuffled tracks and to queue tracks in the Current Playlist Submenu can now be hidden, or the latter can also be put into its own submenu. Users can customize this in Settings by going to "General Settings - Playlists -> Current Playlist" and choosing from "Show Shuffled Adding Options" (No / Yes) or "Show Queue Options" (No / Yes / In Submenu). Allows for the paring down of the set of choices to a minimum of the 4 more common ones for adding tracks to a dynamic playlist (coming from the current total of 11). Defaults have been set so that users have to actively modify their settings to notice any difference, which makes it unlikely that anybody's workflow would be negatively affected by this change. Change-Id: Ibe48fc4da2c79f54cd7272df8e1e3ba9955203e5
2021-03-12Update manual (Working with Playlists)Christian Soffke1-23/+23
- Bring description of "Create Playlist" command up to date - Explain that entries added by Insert Shuffled aren't contiguous - Introduce Queue options in a short paragraph Change-Id: I1104449f72a78794368b6d8c4d0574bb645c93b2
2021-03-11Manual: Updates to Playlist Catalogue menuChristian Soffke2-16/+20
Keeping in sync with how Rockbox currently works: - Context menu doesn't include an option to "View Catalogue" anymore - What used to be the "Playlists" menu is now the context menu of the "Playlist Catalogue" - Context menu includes an option to "Reset Playlist Catalogue Directory" Also updated info regarding the "Create Playlist" option. Change-Id: I717bab9d26a9a08fb95083b67a779541e00a0fd3
2021-03-11Manual: fix spellingChristian Soffke1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ief54632bd3c6e672e0574226f5d7edf760b43875
2021-03-10Move "View" option for playlists up one levelChristian Soffke1-0/+2
The "View" option for playlists/.m3u files is currently part of the "Current Playlist" submenu even though it refers to the selected file/playlist and has nothing to do with the current playlist. It has been relocated to the context menu of the playlist file where it makes more sense and is easier to get to. Change-Id: I806ed46a7315293d7d20f29ed004cc8ab58cdcb7
2021-03-10Fix "Playlist" vs. "Current Playlist" menu terminology in manualChristian Soffke2-10/+10
The manual has been updated to reflect the fact that the current title of the submenu for adding music in the context menu is "Current Playlist". (The WPS context menu has a different submenu called "Playlist") Change-Id: I2bbeabad6d24673c46d3322529478c4a7a61ca88
2021-03-09UI: Rename "Play Next" to "Clear List & Play Next"Christian Soffke1-5/+6
The "Play Next" function replaces the current dynamic playlist, so it makes sense to convey that information to the user when displaying the option in a context menu. Change-Id: Ic6e03e4adbd811e28b5cfeba36b64c5e8a7db2f9
2021-03-09Show 'Play Next' option when playback is stoppedChristian Soffke1-16/+12
1) The Insert functionality was changed in abebc6b to not delete unfinished dynamic playlists anymore. "Play Next" has now been added as an option when playback is stopped. The behavior of "Play Next" as such has not changed and it is now the consistent way to replace a current playlist in all playback modes. 2) The 'Insert' and 'Insert Shuffle' options will now only be displayed if there is a resumable dynamic playlist Change-Id: Ib5c5469b9e2c583ab06e0f47a922c24e5adf6b5f
2021-03-07voice: Allow voice prompt volume to be configurableSolomon Peachy1-0/+4
It defaults to 100%, allow it to be dialed back Change-Id: If997fb7d3057472a7fac0be4ae7d1e8fce654c49
2021-03-03iPods: Allow using scroll wheel to change volume on QuickScreenChristian Soffke1-0/+6
As suggested by forum user yuuiko Change-Id: Ifb989f9513a9e3c59e4ab0f38c0a8e2675c68dd8
2021-02-27Update manual to reflect new behavior from abebc6bChristian Soffke1-10/+9
When playback is stopped and the user inserts songs, Rockbox will not erase a dynamic playlist anymore, unless it has finished playing. Change-Id: I50bd62fbfe3929a0b651b5136e9305b9bc9278f3
2021-02-04puzzles: only build manual for color targetsWolfram Sang1-1/+1
'SUBDIRS' file has puzzles inside a 'HAVE_LCD_COLOR' block. I found this issue because sgt-puzzles was in the Clip+ docs while they were not installed on the target. Change-Id: I8ddf43fa75c8429d2f1a99f13689a5442913748e
2020-12-12manual: Replace all urls with https.Solomon Peachy19-63/+64
In the process, utilize the \download{} and \wikilink{} commands instead of direct URLs. Change-Id: Iad38c15c7b9cec95b6c011fd0dbdbb3326985bbc
2020-12-09Correct the filenames for the Sony NWZ-A680 picturesSolomon Peachy3-0/+0
Change-Id: I4d78ea6579f7c0c463add7933a9a9c33edda4db9
2020-12-10SVG image of the Sony NWZ-A860 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+2604
Change-Id: I964e57f0a3837fed99710dd10205965e15599882
2020-12-10SVG image of the FiiO M3K and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+842
Change-Id: If23fa976cce7eb7577202fb138d1f7a17b85e93d
2020-11-21manual: hopefully fix html generationSolomon Peachy1-0/+1
(by using the 'scrhack' package) Change-Id: I229b59878016d18ac7714139debc1ad2b0621fed
2020-11-21manual: Remove some (very) obsolete latex style files.Solomon Peachy4-929/+0
* scrreprt.4ht * booktabs.sty * optional.sty * pdfdraftcopy.sty Use system-provided stuff instead. Change-Id: I8d11d789b2e1c074a2b10f8ac1c0fec2e0792b20
2020-11-22fix a few manual warningsMoshe Piekarski6-19/+19
Change-Id: I4b9bf1e418367b2a420f56ce36f30cb0926e816f
2020-11-21xduoox3: Fix a few issues with the manualSolomon Peachy3-7/+8
Change-Id: I5055fc280170686f4f0bb1f298d66fb362a5d963
2020-11-19languages: convert recording_swcodec -> recordingSolomon Peachy2-3/+3
Change-Id: I481a53284d63457717f4a6524edc5b477f29a20a
2020-11-18Minor additions to g#3035Moshe Piekarski1-30/+30
Change-Id: I6f518ccbca9834d738eb4a5621ddef638b335195
2020-11-18Manual: remove most HWCODEC artifactsMoshe Piekarski24-613/+451
This causes 3 changes in layout. 2 I can't track down and 1 is better this way. Change-Id: If4ad5e1d7431b4c2cbaaf9767d78139ef4e2dc44
2020-11-16Manual Bugfix SetWPSContextPluginWilliam Wilgus1-1/+2
Change-Id: Idf06c12ecbabbd6a1adb7ba9eaa6b183d3a0c289
2020-11-13usb: Add ability to prompt user about what to do upon usb insertionSolomon Peachy2-4/+13
v3: Add in config option v4: Bugfixes v5: Force a redraw upon exiting v6: keypress-in-chargeonly mode enables mass storage (and vice versa) v7: Fix bootloader builds v8: Update manual, and have bootloader respect keypresses v9: Change default to mass storage (ie no change in behavior) todo: * test-build dx50/dx90 * Switch from yes/no to proper menu? * prevent WPS progress bar from drawing over us Change-Id: I82e0ccb08497b7a5aa756ce77f1332ee963703a7 ... Change-Id: I7946cf240b18a4fa8ace5e25e1eb6e97b8b12d7c
2020-10-23SVG image of the Aigo Eros Q and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+2118
Change-Id: I77b7e425408feb55c9be966b64e839909253ad34
2020-10-11SVG image of the xDuoo X3 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1411
Change-Id: I1f6eecb43907b5fb845a48209349194e32cd6994
2020-09-28SVG image of the xDuoo X20 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1221
Change-Id: I076c3f597dfd28faefb843427d31d195483f1999
2020-09-10FS#13239: Fix typo in the xduoo x3 manualSolomon Peachy1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib38dcb7dd0ff28ac4789a172c377821447a89d5a
2020-09-08xduoox3: more screenshots and keymaps for the manualSolomon Peachy12-11/+23
Change-Id: I06161444b45f1fde08da3a572ac756a04bfa92f0
2020-09-01Manual: add Multiboot for Sansa E200Johannes Rauh1-0/+1
Change-Id: I89d0881face9952184f49f28740896ead3c2dfb5
2020-08-26xduoox3: More screenshots and keymaps for the manualSolomon Peachy12-14/+40
Change-Id: I52fe211dd6489abe030d0aee80de306334031b83
2020-08-26xduoox3: Include curves for both battery typesSolomon Peachy1-2/+5
There is no way to detect this at runtime so it is a user setting Change-Id: Ibc5b87312238c59e3678d512af27e3a3bcb9a58a
2020-08-25xduoox3: Fix minesweeper plugin keymap.Solomon Peachy1-1/+1
(Broke in a654cecf8) Change-Id: I5b07e27aed12019e2b0a5078bf06812da2ddd598
2020-08-25xduoox3: More screenshots and button maps for pluginsSolomon Peachy17-4/+21
Change-Id: Ic494102f191da5e32faa61b0f4bcefadee198200
2020-08-25manual: Remove charcell screenshotsSolomon Peachy22-0/+0
Change-Id: I072c5fb36b80f6d707b1bcad7098352c9398c677
2020-08-24manual: Document all mikmod configuration optionsSolomon Peachy2-3/+23
Change-Id: I942b3198c720ab74d429f5549f7eae01390c567d
2020-08-24xduoox3: Manual updates and screenshots for a pile of pluginsSolomon Peachy16-10/+43
Change-Id: I5181b38412999c1675535987325a43a48cdde84d
2020-08-24manual: Add section for mikmod and document its formatsSolomon Peachy2-1/+76
Change-Id: Ic07bf2c8dcc29bd535ea7b2ce8a7c4d723c22e6a
2020-08-24manual: Get rid of more archos-specific manual leftoversSolomon Peachy20-4369/+0
Change-Id: I8ac42d2bfcecd75b717c3eaf984daff3ea7a0334
2020-08-24xduoox3: Fill in the core UI screenshotsSolomon Peachy11-2/+2
TODO: * Plugin screenshots * Plugin keymaps Change-Id: I05282480fcfe67e0c506a34847a81b027b73ad81
2020-08-24archosondio: get rid of screenshots and other manual leftoversSolomon Peachy11-1127/+0
Change-Id: Id076e2707676dc6a5f8c2e7c754fe30751c37547
2020-08-24xduoox3: Initial manualSolomon Peachy9-74/+250
TODO: * Screenshots * Plugin keymaps Change-Id: Iaecaa2f585693eb5c2c301bd07aeaa27cdf2588f
2020-08-17Add open_plugin to coreWilliam Wilgus3-0/+12
open_plugin allows arbitrary plugins to be called in hotkey and start screen replaces PictureFlow Integration shortcuts menu plays plugins now too rather than store paths and parameters in the settings that reside in memory instead entries in a file are searched by hash. after all, the plugin has to be loaded from disk anyways ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- shortcut_viewer.rock-- can now call plugins rather than taking you to them in the browser ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added a new option to menus: F_CB_ON_SELECT_ONLY instead of option callback every time a item is accessed F_CB_ON_SELECT_ONLY fires callback only when item is selected ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added manual entries ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change-Id: I078b57b1d2b4dd633c89212c1082fcbc1b516e6a