path: root/rbutil/mkimxboot/mkimxboot.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-11-05mkimxboot: small fixes and display a human readable errorAmaury Pouly1-0/+2
2017-01-02imxtools: completely rework patching logic to prepare unpatchingAmaury Pouly1-12/+17
2017-01-02mkimxboot: add the concept of soft MD5 sumAmaury Pouly1-0/+3
2014-01-21mkimxboot: tool can now recreate a stub to recover from very low batteryAmaury Pouly1-0/+1
2013-09-25Add support for the sony NWZ-E360/E370 to mkimxbootAmaury Pouly1-4/+6
2013-06-18mkimxboot: add zen style 100/300 firmware to the listAmaury Pouly1-0/+3
2013-06-15mkimxboot: refactor code, no functional changeAmaury Pouly1-1/+2
2013-01-29mkimxboot: add a switch to force versionAmaury Pouly1-0/+1
2013-01-26mkimxboot: add partial support for the Zen X-Fi StyleAmaury Pouly1-0/+3
2013-01-26mkimxboot: add an option to extract the of without processingAmaury Pouly1-0/+2
2012-05-19mkimxboot: add support for more target and variantsAmaury Pouly1-1/+28
2011-12-04Add double inclusion protection and prepare for use with C++ code.Dominik Riebeling1-0/+12
2011-11-30mkimxboot: remove an unecessary include that will prevent compilation of rbutilAmaury Pouly1-1/+0
2011-11-06Introduce mkimxboot to build bootloader images for the i.MX (only the fuze+ c...Amaury Pouly1-0/+55