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2017-06-19mks5lboot: updatesCástor Muñoz6-267/+492
- fix Makefile to allow cross compilation - Windows: use Sleep() instead of nanosleep() - Windows: libusb now is optional - OS X: use IOKit instead of libusb - small rework on the DFU API Change-Id: Ia4b07012c098ad608594e15f6effe9c9d2164b9b
2017-04-14mks5lboot v1.0 - dualboot installer for s5l8702 targetsmks5lboot_1.0Cástor Muñoz16-0/+3226
A tool to install/uninstall a bootloader into a s5l8702 based device: - iPod Classic 6G - iPod Nano 3G (TODO) See mks5lboot/README for detailed info. Change-Id: I451d2aaff34509ebd356e4660647e5222c5d3409