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2014-01-26Option to use the lighter hinting algorithm (FT_LOAD_TARGET_LIGHT).Nick Peskett1-5/+8
I've found this algorithm produces clearer results when rendering some fonts at small point sizes. Change-Id: If87d82731ad324405195b25baad78fe54e92c142 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Marcin Bukat <> Tested: Purling Nayuki <> Reviewed-by: Thomas Martitz <>
2011-04-10Fix Win32 native convttf creating invalid output files.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
When operating with binary files on Windows it is necessary to explicitly open them in binary mode to prevent unwanted effects. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
2011-04-09Make convttf build with C89 compilers.Dominik Riebeling1-67/+99
- Move variable declarations to the top of blocks to be compatible with C89 compilers (like MSVS). - Remove unnecessary Windows includes. - Paths on Windows usually use backslash as path delimiter so accept that as well. - Rename some variables to avoid shadowing functions (like index()). No functional changes. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
2011-03-22Commit FS#12000: confttv - try to make digits equally wide (-w to disable)Magnus Holmgren1-17/+60
git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
2011-03-05Anti-Aliased Fonts support.Thomas Martitz1-0/+1283
This enables Rockbox to render anti-aliased fonts using an alpha blending method. The input font bitmaps are 4bit, i.e. 4x larger, but the metadata size stays the same. A tool, convttf, for converting ttf fonts directly to the Rockbox fnt format is provided. It has a useful help output, but the parameter that works best is -c1 or -c2 (2 for larger font sizes). Flyspray: FS#8961 Author: Initial work by Jonas Hurrelmann, further work by Fred Bauer, Andrew Mahone, Teruaki Kawashima and myself. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657