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2020-06-25docker-rbclient: use CMD instead of ENTRYPOINTFranklin Wei1-1/+1
This makes it easier to override from the command line. Change-Id: I4bbd2995ed442b119b696da94ce1670304e59933
2019-07-28docker-rbclient: update READMEFranklin Wei1-16/+30
Change-Id: If7c3565147f1092e3104d7f08e705aaaf6aafd5d
2019-07-28docker-rbclient: whitespace fixFranklin Wei1-2/+2
Gerrit's web editor can't be trusted. Change-Id: I0dd4a6ab2f8e3600fb37e9806adf6c067feea9ed
2019-07-28Add build code for Docker development environmentFranklin Wei3-0/+134
This simplifies the tedious task of building all the Rockbox toolchains manually by providing a build code for a Docker container image. It's useful for quickly spinning up a build client with just a couple commands and no waiting to compile (though downloading takes a little while). I've built an image as built1n/rbclient on Docker Hub. All toolchains (even the weird ones) are included, except android16. Change-Id: I6b863628ffb397604f59ec6def2f8bb8c8c7185f