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2020-03-29FS#13184: Support 2048 byte sectors and images without bootloader in ipod_fwSolomon Peachy1-17/+32
2006-12-10Initial attempt at adding support for firmware images with 2048-byte sectors....Dave Chapman1-4/+25
2006-12-09Sync with ipodlinux CVSDave Chapman1-19/+61
2006-01-16Cosmetic bugfix - display correct message when generating firmware image for ...Dave Chapman1-1/+5
2005-12-18Sync with ipodlinux CVS - add support for 5g (video) iPodsDave Chapman1-0/+33
2005-11-11Import make_fw.c iPod firmware manipulation utility from the ipodlinux projec...Dave Chapman1-0/+517