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2006-08-12Remove Win32 and X11 simulator sources. They've been deprecated for a while i...Dan Everton1-148/+0
2005-11-21Backlight handling: * Added 'Caption Backlight' and 'Backlight On When Chargi...Jens Arnold1-4/+2
2005-07-14First take at PCM playback in the X11 sim on Linux.Daniel Stenberg1-0/+17
2005-07-12Removed picky warningsLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+1
2005-05-11Simplification.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-03-18Major rework of the x11 simulator button handling. (1) Button repeat should a...Jens Arnold1-27/+26
2005-03-07X11 simulator improvements: Proper thread stopping and realtime ticks, based ...Jens Arnold1-33/+56
2005-02-22Build cleanup and general fixes. fprintf() is now fdprintf(), the separationDaniel Stenberg1-0/+15
2004-06-10Finally, the archos directory sandbox works in the same way for both X11 and ...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+1
2002-06-14current_tick simulation addedDaniel Stenberg1-5/+9
2002-06-14Fixed the threading to work as I wanted it:Daniel Stenberg1-7/+30
2002-06-14kill warningDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2002-06-10add thread functionality, powered by pthreadsDaniel Stenberg1-0/+69