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2020-11-13Bugfix Backlight_init should be called after lcd_initWilliam Wilgus1-4/+3
the rest.. Change-Id: I50585ba2191aa8134de3045b1445859b27503a68
2015-01-04Fix uninitialized variable (should fix libusb retry handling)Thomas Jarosch1-0/+1
Reported by cppcheck Change-Id: I5ac7b73f2e3eaee3d5427d118944613e572f684d
2014-11-15adfuload: fix argument parsingAmaury Pouly1-1/+2
Change-Id: Ibde77a2f7cb7a73c26235be5b2afed9f0aec3e97 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
2014-11-06adfuload: Improve arguments parsingMarcin Bukat1-39/+85
Change-Id: If18975f13d20bb7f7232cafdb4ea87fa516b5750
2014-11-05hwstub: Add atj213x supportbootloader_zenxfi3_v1Marcin Bukat3-27/+47
Change-Id: Ic32200f9ab2c6977e503307a9cbe43a1328d0341
2014-10-18atj213x: e100/150 lcd test binaryMarcin Bukat10-0/+6075
Change-Id: I3f9fa21dcb33d1cd3081d0c995adfb44e085dd7a
2014-03-04atj213x: various fixes in sample code snippetsMarcin Bukat4-22/+25
Change-Id: I78781e1a56cb6705d011ee2296f1789b497a566a
2014-02-14atj213x: rework crt0.S in test codeMarcin Bukat1-9/+8
Rework init code so relocation is safe for binaries linked into cached unmapped KSEG0 region. Change-Id: I705ee3f0334f8998237f249a2c3059d6dbe78a43
2014-02-09atj213x: Simple test exploring irq handlingMarcin Bukat9-0/+3947
This test software setups timer T0 periodic interrupt. In ISR it changes backlight level. The interrupt handler does not support nesting and the whole ISR is run in interrupt context. Exceptions are not handled yet. Change-Id: Idc5d622991c7257b4577448d8be08ddd1c24c745
2014-01-08adfuload: add atj213x timer0 test programMarcin Bukat7-0/+3764
This simple program shows how to setup timer for periodic operation. Interrupts are not used yet and simply pending irq bit is polled and cleared when set. This program supports my understanding of disassm of ADEC_N63.BIN that P_CLK is configured for 7.5MHz and timer clock source is P_CLK directly. Change-Id: Idd6461bf847c763b78b8c324012ec2515f65dd41
2014-01-03atj213x: obtain PC value in more elegant wayMarcin Bukat1-7/+6
Change-Id: I2e6ffb3b58ddda0ea62ce5d4cd71ac5475b34495
2013-12-13adfuload: add test programMarcin Bukat7-0/+3759
This test program. I add it mainly to document somehow my work: 1) atj213x.h lists registers addresses 2) crt0.S exploits self relocation of the binary 3) test_bl.c documents how to control backlight on e150 Change-Id: I055e0fe065d926a5c3805b73cea3f537cb64bf52
2013-12-11adfuload: utility to upload and exec binary using brom adfu mode of atj213x SoCMarcin Bukat4-0/+591
Change-Id: If52aa34124be2801c2ac316641ff9aa0bbd837c6