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2012-10-30atjboottool: add missing copyright headersAmaury Pouly3-0/+60
Change-Id: Idb2f5e4b0bd6a84bc3eaff088fb4706f46ed1535
2012-10-04atj: provide default output prefix/filenames on unpackingAmaury Pouly1-17/+66
If no output prefix is specified, a default is picked: - filename with extension replaced by .afi for FWU files - filename with extension replaced by .fw/ for AFI files - filename without extension and with / for FW files Change-Id: I6497b8f4a49f1238e5db738429f687cad3ae8a5a
2012-10-03Introduce atjboottool for ATJ213x firmwaresAmaury Pouly6-0/+1703
Change-Id: Ie857b82e25de235c8549defab7e75995efefb3f6