path: root/utils/hwstub/stub/atj213x/usb_drv_atj213x.c
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2016-11-10ATJ hwstub make irq based usb driver workMarcin Bukat1-112/+195
0e2b490 introduced rework of usb driver which was broken. It was reverted in f2da975 to restore hwstub functionality on ATJ. This commit reenables usb rework AND fixes remining issues. The problem was with 0 length OUT thransfers. Additionally a few cleanups were made. Change-Id: I529ea9ad6540509e9287ca7e1cd2b44369b03cbb
2016-11-08Revert "hwstub: rework usb driver for atj213x"Marcin Bukat1-142/+104
This reverts commit 0e2b4908d012dbd45a58002774f32b64ea8f83e3. Although I swear it was tested it apparently broke hwstub on atj. I will need to investigate more whats going on. Revert for now. Change-Id: I2ff3adf8c72bb0e53be7d81b975382adfb700eab
2016-03-14hwstub: rework usb driver for atj213xMarcin Bukat1-104/+142
Change-Id: I7b175103e567ae4375ff94e74ed1a06215f640c3
2014-11-05hwstub: Add atj213x supportbootloader_zenxfi3_v1Marcin Bukat1-0/+267
Change-Id: Ic32200f9ab2c6977e503307a9cbe43a1328d0341