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2013-07-07imxtools: add device info and serial number requests to scsitoolAmaury Pouly1-2/+64
Change-Id: I17b679062fa53c20034e7db6f4080f8762a7818c
2013-07-03imx233: document some more stmp vendor scsi commandAmaury Pouly2-19/+92
Change-Id: Ie03c0c8288b4bd9c0b4beedae363cff6caf3c5cd
2013-01-15imxtools/scsitools: add support for more commandsAmaury Pouly3-8/+459
Change-Id: Iddff64502ba357dcd36903d31015b9ae2d00ae62
2013-01-10imxtools/nwztools: fix compilation for windowsAmaury Pouly2-0/+13
There is a windows port of the sg_utils library for scsi pass- through. This little changes make it compile under mingw. A better fix would be to implement direct ioctl on both windows and linux but that's already better than nothing Change-Id: I0d77cd1bad69806a66f0590362f165f24fa240e9
2012-12-13imxtools/scsitool: retrieve the minimum amount of inquiry dataAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
Some device only report the minimum (36 bytes) amount of inquiry data so don't ask for more Change-Id: Ie74d659f6e27b077acba160aeb87d1e7edf82e66
2012-12-11imxtools: introduce the new scsitoolAmaury Pouly5-0/+475
It appears that all devices based on the Sigmaltel SDK support a common vendor specific SCSI interface when in UMS mode. This applies to the STMP36xx and the STMP37xx. This interface supports many operations: - get device info - get device paritionning - get janus/drm info - read/write/allocate/erase any partition - reset (chip or to updater and/or recovery) This includes the ability to do a firmware upgrade by rewriting the firmware partition. The tool currently does mostly nothing but will be enhanced depending on the reverse engineering efforts and the use of it. It has been tested on the Fuze+ and the Zen X-Fi2/3. Change-Id: Ibd4b2ad364c03ada4f9001573ef4cc87cfb041d1