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2016-10-26nwztools/plattools: add test_power, rework input, add test_ts (touchscreen)Amaury Pouly8-17/+685
Change-Id: I55ca29627801b5e760d1dbe407d96cd055f659ab
2016-10-19nwztools/plattools: add adc testAmaury Pouly6-2/+213
Change-Id: Ic3ef964e8b5cc7b8ca3f02f141e9e4436a4d41db
2016-10-19nwztools/plattools: add backlight testAmaury Pouly3-0/+146
Change-Id: I4bef0824eeed54238578d8b24a9845e8602d61af
2016-10-19nwztools: add a new plattools directory with code to run on the deviceAmaury Pouly7-0/+426
This is code is intended to development into a library of code for the NWZ that will be useful to write the "bootloader" on those device. At the same time, it comes with test programs that are easy to run in firmware upgrade mode and also provide a great test bench for the library. At the moment, two test programs are available: - test_display: simply prints two messages using /usr/bin/lcdmsg - test_keys: displays input key event Change-Id: I9d214894ffc9127b528fcdd3eb5d6b61f4e657a7