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2016-02-06regtools/desc: convert v1 stmp description files to v2Amaury Pouly1-0/+29872
Conversion done using swiss_knife as follows: ./swiss_knife convert --author "Amaury Pouly" --version "2.4.0" desc/regs-stmp3XXX-v1.xml desc/regs-stmp3XXX.xml Change-Id: Iad26e04f8f599cf25339a33aa65f231379434e98
2016-02-06regtools/desc: rename v1 stmp filesAmaury Pouly1-7657/+0
Change-Id: Ib66a404acf1f640e19b30b35d6a976094ae4264a
2014-05-01regtools: normalise description files, and remove obsolete file. No logical ↵Amaury Pouly1-12248/+7654
change. Files were generated using utils/regtools/tester in "write" mode. Change-Id: Ib391b8dbb5ec84eb821e0d0a3699d306414f2aa1
2013-06-13regtools: modify description format and refactor toolsAmaury Pouly1-2908/+2037
Change the XML description to unify multi dev/reg in a clean fashion. Move the description parser to its own library. Fix the tester and headergen tools to work with the new format and library. Move the STMP3700/3780 descriptions to the new format (and fixes many errors as well). Drop the hwemulgen tool in favor on the upcoming hwstub tools revamp. Change-Id: I7119a187aab5c8b083cc5228cb1b248ee29f184d
2013-06-12imxtools: move regtools to its own directoryAmaury Pouly1-0/+13122
The register tools are in no way stmp specific. The XML description of the registers is powerful enough to describe the STMP register which should be more than enough to describe virtually all other SoCs. The generators follow the STMP coding convention but others could be used as well. Change-Id: If1a9f56e4a3594161688de34adbea698e5aaecd8