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2013-03-21rknanoutils: fix boot toolAmaury Pouly1-2/+2
Correctly descramble the first stages (0 to 2) in continuous mode. Also fix a disassembled (but unused) crc routine used in dfu mode. Change-Id: I20016d1c696a9bcb6584377ee9b55493783c7159
2013-03-21rknanoutils: add dfu toolAmaury Pouly2-0/+239
This tool can upload a firmware to the device in DFU mode. The protocol is the same as the rk27xx devices except that it can load a bigger (unlimited ?) firmware. Change-Id: Ic9d4c5087629a9156f9d5d5cdc80767e6359c431
2013-03-16rknanoutils: fix stupid mistakeAmaury Pouly1-7/+14
Change-Id: I5267533226d833b20abb3cfd27cc390aef1181e4
2012-10-18rknanoutils: add raw encode mode, add header fieldsAmaury Pouly1-34/+107
The raw encode mode allows to use the raw encode_page routine on any file which proved to be useful. The guessed fields of the headers are based on some rk2918 headers which leaked. They are mainly informative though (date, version, chip). Change-Id: I139ea0c40f76b6dde041c448bbf3e7ecf9cab24a
2012-06-19rknanoutils: fix crash with no prefix, remove debug codeAmaury Pouly1-13/+2
Change-Id: I73e277a8dc2fbd5790b1d7173e449d883710f27a
2012-06-19rknanoutils: much more sensible format guessAmaury Pouly6-23/+779
I finally found a sensible format for the executable files. The tool now can output the loading entry to elf files. Some disassembly and analysis suggest the phys/virt addresses are correct. However the entries are somehow linked and it is still unclear how (are there "calls" to the code ? when ?). Change-Id: Ied38b5bb297176c5755b5ecb3309f4a259c18cd4
2012-06-19rknanoutils: more reverse engineering of the BOOT format.Amaury Pouly1-28/+201
I found out that the file has a number of "entries", in 3 categories. The third category seem to contain bootable files. In the RKnano firmware file I have, these entries are named "NandBoot1" and "NandBoot2". They seem to use the same format as the stage3 of the RKnanoFW format but we do not understand this format precisely for now anyway. Change-Id: I72d77e609cdeeb802af793c010d6788bf36cd7e2
2012-06-10Update the rknano utils.Amaury Pouly1-15/+280
This is mostly based on reverse engineer of the _RKUpgrade.dll from the SAM3xx upgrader. Change-Id: I37f4503899c7198ce463130b2ff994da9ca7dc4b
2012-06-07Initial commit from rknano utils. This is very preliminary work.Amaury Pouly4-0/+396
Change-Id: Iddc4b39a4611f12b9eefc3a96d7eeb7229777ebb