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2010-07-08Theme Editor: Removed papause from line scrollingRobert Bieber2-34/+15
2010-07-07Theme Editor: Implemented line scrollingRobert Bieber4-3/+106
2010-07-07Theme Editor: Implemented caching for rendered text, added profiling info to ...Robert Bieber7-14/+120
2010-07-07Theme Editor: Fixed rendering bug that caused text in sublines not to appear,...Robert Bieber4-6/+101
2010-07-07Theme Editor: Delaying rendering of text lines until newline reachedRobert Bieber1-3/+9
2010-07-07Theme Editor: WorkingWorking on speeding up the renderer, replaced for-loops ...Robert Bieber1-15/+6
2010-07-07Theme Editor: Made all lines of text render as a single graphic, viewport siz...Robert Bieber6-38/+59
2010-07-06Theme Editor: Added font directory option in preferences dialog, renderer wil...Robert Bieber1-1/+14
2010-07-06Theme Editor: Default theme font is now correctly loadedRobert Bieber1-1/+7
2010-07-06Theme Editor: Rockbox FNT files now supported. Theme editor will currently l...Robert Bieber5-17/+213
2010-07-05Theme Editor: Began working on font loading. Font header info is now read an...Robert Bieber2-2/+69
2010-07-04Theme Editor: WPS documents rendered within SBS documents can now set backdropsRobert Bieber2-3/+9
2010-07-03Theme Editor: SBS will now render underneath WPS, if both are present in projectRobert Bieber3-7/+46
2010-07-03Theme Editor: Status bar no longer drawn by defaultRobert Bieber2-10/+1
2010-07-02Theme Editor: Fixed random outlining in default viewport, working on getting ...Robert Bieber1-1/+1
2010-07-02Theme Editor: Switched the last two parameters of the Vp tag back to their or...Robert Bieber2-8/+11
2010-07-02Theme Editor: Renderer will not insert a newline at the end of a line if it's...Robert Bieber2-1/+5
2010-07-02Theme Editor: Altered tag table entry for %pb to make image optional, impleme...Robert Bieber3-0/+161
2010-07-01Theme Editor: Fixed line numbering bug in parser. Implemented playlist displ...Robert Bieber2-0/+65
2010-07-01Theme Editor: Renderer now adds a newline after EVERY logical line in the par...Robert Bieber2-14/+8
2010-07-01Theme Editor: Fixed album art positioning bug, removed unneeded debug codeRobert Bieber2-0/+3
2010-07-01Theme Editor: Made blank lines render newlines in the outputRobert Bieber2-3/+4
2010-07-01Theme Editor: Implemented negative x/y/w/h values in viewport declarationsRobert Bieber1-0/+8
2010-06-30Theme Editor: Implemented status bar enable/disableRobert Bieber4-2/+20
2010-06-30Theme Editor: Added album art displayRobert Bieber4-3/+161
2010-06-30Theme Editor: Implemented text alignmentRobert Bieber2-6/+93
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Fixed conditional viewport displayRobert Bieber3-1/+10
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Implemented subline rendering, including conditional subline timesRobert Bieber2-0/+6
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Implemented conditional rendering, most conditionals should wor...Robert Bieber2-0/+15
2010-06-26Theme Editor: Added Show Viewports option to device configuration panel, impl...Robert Bieber4-12/+19
2010-06-26Theme Editor: Began integrating device configuration panel with rendererRobert Bieber4-5/+18
2010-06-25Theme Editor: Fixed some compiler warnings and a segfault. Got some basic te...Robert Bieber6-8/+60
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Renderer now allows multiple viewports to share an identifierRobert Bieber2-13/+33
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Added dummy font class and implemented font load tagRobert Bieber4-0/+95
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Added rendering support for some more tagsRobert Bieber3-0/+19
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Fixed image display relative to viewportRobert Bieber2-2/+4
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Working on image renderingRobert Bieber4-14/+69
2010-06-22Theme Editor: Began in implementing tag rendering, %X tag now recognizedRobert Bieber6-13/+120
2010-06-21Theme Editor: Reworked information passing among render functions, now loads ...Robert Bieber6-54/+92
2010-06-21Theme Editor: Fixed some compiler warningsRobert Bieber2-1/+3
2010-06-18Theme Editor: Working on rendering viewports, display will now show %V(...) v...Robert Bieber5-0/+263
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Continuing work on rendering, skin preview will now show backdr...Robert Bieber2-0/+200