path: root/utils/themeeditor/skin_parser.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Moved source files into subdirectoriesRobert Bieber1-923/+0
2010-06-13initialise the element->type value so TAG types dont accidently get VIEWPORT ...Jonathan Gordon1-0/+1
2010-06-11Theme Editor: Fixed bug in parser handling empty lines and made ParseTreeMode...Robert Bieber1-2/+12
2010-06-11Theme Editor: Modified parser to integrate the %V tag into the VIEWPORT eleme...Robert Bieber1-15/+16
2010-06-10Theme Editor: Fixed issue with parsing conditionals in sublinesRobert Bieber1-2/+12
2010-06-10Theme Editor: Applied FS#11389, switched conditional elements to use tag fiel...Robert Bieber1-106/+78
2010-06-09SKIN BREAK: %pb, %bl and %pv (bar types) changed so the image is the last par...Jonathan Gordon1-2/+4
2010-06-08Theme Editor: Made parser recover memory on errorRobert Bieber1-0/+3
2010-06-07Theme Editor: Factored out code to skip over enum/arg lists while scanning fo...Robert Bieber1-60/+52
2010-06-07Theme Editor: Added a clear erros function to the parserRobert Bieber1-0/+2
2010-06-06Theme Editor: Fixed another conditional child-counting bugRobert Bieber1-2/+2
2010-06-06Theme Editor: Began working on open document functionality (still incomplete)...Robert Bieber1-1/+7
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Fixed parsing and code generation for nested conditionalsRobert Bieber1-0/+32
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Fixed some more code generation bugsRobert Bieber1-1/+8
2010-06-02Fixed another code generation bug with viewports and enabled negative numbers...Robert Bieber1-2/+2
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Fixed bugs in code generation and viewport parsingRobert Bieber1-5/+4
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Removed the NEWLINE parse tree elementRobert Bieber1-27/+1
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Fixed a small bug with asterisk handling in tag parameter argum...Robert Bieber1-2/+2
2010-06-02Theme Editor: Altered the way the parser handles asterisks in the tag argumen...Robert Bieber1-2/+3
2010-06-01Theme Editor: Put together a simple GUI to test going back and forth between ...Robert Bieber1-7/+9
2010-06-01Theme Editor: Made text and comments editable from a treeviewRobert Bieber1-2/+3
2010-06-01Theme Editor: Enabled editing tag parameters from a treeviewRobert Bieber1-0/+3
2010-06-01Theme Editor: Made the viewport tag a top-level child under VIEWPORT elements...Robert Bieber1-2/+16
2010-06-01Committing FS#11345 by JdGordon. Theme editor parser now includes full tag i...Robert Bieber1-5/+7
2010-06-01Theme Editor: Made Viewport the top level parse tree element, along with a bu...Robert Bieber1-12/+68
2010-05-30Theme Editor: Fixed parsing bug that allowed comments to form a new logical l...Robert Bieber1-0/+4
2010-05-29Theme Editor: Got code generation tentatively working along with a solid C++ ...Robert Bieber1-18/+8
2010-05-27Theme Editor: Fixed a bug in the subline parser, added a LINE element to cont...Robert Bieber1-2/+12
2010-05-25Fixed some memory leaks in the theme editorRobert Bieber1-5/+31
2010-05-25Fixed some bugs in the theme editor, added the tags with parameters to the ta...Robert Bieber1-98/+90
2010-05-25Adding the new WPS parser, code works but need to build the tag tableRobert Bieber1-0/+811