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2020-07-07Samsung YP-R1: fix OF boot shortcutLorenzo Miori1-1/+1
2020-07-07ypr0 - ypr1: dynamically move rockbox executableLorenzo Miori1-0/+7
2020-07-07Samsung YP-R0: remove deprecated kernel moduleLorenzo Miori3-7/+0
2014-03-09ypr1: Add some commands to which are needed for playbackThomas Martitz1-0/+13
2014-02-05Samsung YP-R1 target portLorenzo Miori2-5/+12
2014-02-04samsung ypr0: Include getty service in the patched firmware for usb serial sh...Thomas Martitz2-0/+9
2013-09-16Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 Safe Mode improvementLorenzo Miori15-146/+412
2013-09-11ypr0-ypr1 firmware tools fixLorenzo Miori1-1/+13
2013-09-07Firmware tools for Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 (and possibly others)Lorenzo Miori11-318/+621
2012-05-28ypr0: Add kernel module to required support fm radio.Thomas Martitz4-1/+10
2011-12-24ypr0: Add variables to provide a argv and stdout/err redirection for running ...Thomas Martitz2-1/+7
2011-12-24Initial commit of the Samsung YP-R0 port.Thomas Martitz21-0/+2939