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2020-07-07Samsung YP-R1: fix OF boot shortcutLorenzo Miori1-1/+1
ypr1 target should switch back to OF by pressing volume down, since volume up is already mapped to the early/safe mode. Change-Id: I18c4deed2c8982dbee18b081ecc59b970c654473
2020-07-07ypr0 - ypr1: dynamically move rockbox executableLorenzo Miori1-0/+7
This trivial patch wants to exploit /tmp filesystem to place Rockbox executable. Why that? It will be then possible to easily unlock & umount the storage partition, in order to provide Rockbox itself a mean for RAW storage access. In turn, this will allow a Rockbox-handled USB Mass Storage support, as well as other goodies (storage info is one I can think of). It takes way less than a second so it doesn't hurt boot time. Moreover, YPR0/YPR1 targets have plenty (64MB) of RAM, so the humble half meg executable won't hurt at all. Change-Id: Ibc9d9a40712e924c8e19cfd7c62189b182f0401a
2020-07-07Samsung YP-R0: remove deprecated kernel moduleLorenzo Miori3-7/+0
This patch removes the deprecated kernel module to manage the fm-radio chip on the ypr0 target. implements the interface to the i2c bus by using the i2c-dev kernel driver, no need for additional complexity. Change-Id: I0d09e2e9d1714b3cb8a72b3d79a91602a627cc90
2014-03-09ypr1: Add some commands to which are needed for playbackThomas Martitz1-0/+13
Change-Id: I2772e218174b5d1fbc7c066fee41d6fb06c01900
2014-02-05Samsung YP-R1 target portLorenzo Miori2-5/+12
This is the basic port to the new target Samsung YP-R1, which runs on a similar platform as YP-R0. Port is usable, although there are still some optimizations that have to be done. Change-Id: If83a8e386369e413581753780c159026d9e41f04
2014-02-04samsung ypr0: Include getty service in the patched firmware for usb serial ↵Thomas Martitz2-0/+9
shell access. The getty service mointors /dev/ttyGS0 (also created by the patched firmware). When the g_serial.ko module is loaded this automatically enables shell access via usb. It exposes a cdc-acm device to the host which is compatible to linux (usb_serial.ko) and windows. The g_serial.ko is not included module can be build from the YP-R0 open source package provided by samsung. It can be loaded via rc.user on the internal memory. Change-Id: I4903a635fd2e2f0ce6f5e91589a31d72bba2776b
2013-09-16Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 Safe Mode improvementLorenzo Miori15-146/+412
This is an improvement for the special mode present in the samsung ypr0 target. Apart adding new useful functionalities, it fixes a random disconnection bug, solved by debouncing and fully support to YP-R1 target. This opens also the possibility to interface this operating mode to rockbox USB functionality. Change-Id: Id70541541fcfaa1234328485fab0696a3bd491c9
2013-09-11ypr0-ypr1 firmware tools fixLorenzo Miori1-1/+13
fixed a bug concerning bytes padding, since it wasn't correctly implemented regarding original firmware structure. This fixes ROM generation especially for ypr1. Change-Id: I1a40fb4bb8f9d6b005d694246123e314c4d19b49 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Martitz <>
2013-09-07Firmware tools for Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 (and possibly others)Lorenzo Miori11-318/+621
They have been rewritten for being completely free and as fast as possible. Successfully extracted, patched, repacked and flashed original firmware (tested on device and it worked) Change-Id: I74d47d13f2dc3a2832a0d6821d3c2182dfd4b33b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Martitz <> Tested-by: Thomas Martitz <>
2012-05-28ypr0: Add kernel module to required support fm radio.Thomas Martitz4-1/+10
To support fm radio a kernel module was written. This module is added to the patched firmware that loads Rockbox. It's pre-compiled but its source archive provided. The kernel module provides raw-access to the built-in si4709 radio chip. Our existing si 47xx drivers can be re-used this way. The module itself was written Lorenzo Miori, I only integrated it into the tree. Change-Id: I6205d28a505d57791eaeb627e6856b9a1eaeaeaa
2011-12-24ypr0: Add variables to provide a argv and stdout/err redirection for running ↵Thomas Martitz2-1/+7
Rockbox to the loader script. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
2011-12-24Initial commit of the Samsung YP-R0 port.Thomas Martitz21-0/+2939
This port is a hybrid native/RaaA port. It runs on a embedded linux system, but is the only application. It therefore can implement lots of stuff that native targets also implement, while leveraging the underlying linux kernel. The port is quite advanced. User interface, audio playback, plugins work mostly fine. Missing is e.g. power mangement and USB (see SamsungYPR0 wiki page). Included in utils/ypr0tools are scripts and programs required to generate a patched firmware. The patched firmware has the rootfs modified to load Rockbox. It includes a early/safe USB mode. This port needs a new toolchain, one that includes glibc headers and libraries. can generate it, but e.g. codesourcey and distro packages may also work. Most of the initial effort is done by Lorenzo Miori and others (on ABI), including reverse engineering and patching of the original firmware, initial drivers, and more. Big thanks to you. Flyspray: FS#12348 Author: Lorenzo Miori, myself Merry christmas to ypr0 owners! :) git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657