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2010-06-30Theme Editor: Implemented text alignmentRobert Bieber3-6/+114
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Fixed conditional viewport displayRobert Bieber3-1/+10
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Stopped conditionals and sublines from triggering newlines and ...Robert Bieber3-6/+15
2010-06-29Remove some redundant #include'sBertrik Sikken1-1/+0
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Implemented subline rendering, including conditional subline timesRobert Bieber5-0/+83
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Implemented conditional rendering, most conditionals should wor...Robert Bieber3-4/+89
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Beginning to work on conditional rendering, just made fix to li...Robert Bieber8-28/+32
2010-06-29Theme Editor: Rearranged and separated tag execution and rendering codeRobert Bieber2-121/+137
2010-06-26Theme Editor: Added an edit menu with a find/replace function (copied from an...Robert Bieber12-3/+937
2010-06-26Theme Editor: Added Show Viewports option to device configuration panel, impl...Robert Bieber8-14/+39
2010-06-26Theme Editor: Began integrating device configuration panel with rendererRobert Bieber12-20/+94
2010-06-25Theme Editor: Added a reset zoom button, made icons for all the zoom buttonsRobert Bieber9-3/+53
2010-06-25Theme Editor: Made the device configuration menu dockableRobert Bieber2-16/+23
2010-06-25Theme Editor: Fixed some compiler warnings and a segfault. Got some basic te...Robert Bieber9-14/+69
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Added (I think) all of the tags to the device configuration windowRobert Bieber1-0/+132
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Removed dependency on lingering file from devicestate.cpp, fixe...Robert Bieber2-12/+28
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Renderer now allows multiple viewports to share an identifierRobert Bieber2-13/+33
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Added settingsChanged() signal to DeviceState classRobert Bieber2-21/+51
2010-06-24Theme Editor: Fixed some resource alias issues, implemented device configurat...Robert Bieber9-145/+257
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Began working on device status dialogRobert Bieber7-9/+229
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Added dummy font class and implemented font load tagRobert Bieber6-2/+116
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Added rendering support for some more tagsRobert Bieber4-0/+55
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Removed some lingering debug codeRobert Bieber1-1/+0
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Implemented %xd tag with subimagesRobert Bieber1-1/+28
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Fixed image display relative to viewportRobert Bieber2-2/+4
2010-06-23Theme Editor: Working on image renderingRobert Bieber5-15/+113
2010-06-22Theme Editor: Began in implementing tag rendering, %X tag now recognizedRobert Bieber11-16/+175
2010-06-21Theme Editor: Reworked information passing among render functions, now loads ...Robert Bieber11-64/+127
2010-06-21Theme Editor: Fixed some compiler warningsRobert Bieber2-1/+3
2010-06-19Add error messages to a few more failure cases to beastpatcher.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+10
2010-06-19Theme Editor: Fixed typo that broke compileRobert Bieber1-1/+1
2010-06-18Theme Editor: Working on rendering viewports, display will now show %V(...) v...Robert Bieber11-6/+317
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Continuing work on rendering, skin preview will now show backdr...Robert Bieber6-14/+223
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Made allll destructors virtualRobert Bieber4-2/+4
2010-06-17Make sure files which aren't windows-specific use \n line endings onlyRafaël Carré7-1758/+1758
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Stopped combo boxes in configuration editor from scrolling on m...Robert Bieber2-2/+12
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Working on renderer infrastructureRobert Bieber8-25/+118
2010-06-17Move the skin parser to a seperate libraryJonathan Gordon10-2257/+17
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Moved source files into subdirectoriesRobert Bieber35-34/+40
2010-06-17Theme Editor: Began working on skin preview viewerRobert Bieber7-7/+183
2010-06-16Theme Editor: Items from line under cursor now selected in parse tree viewRobert Bieber3-2/+19
2010-06-16Theme Editor: Replaced line edits for key names with combo boxesRobert Bieber4-13/+226
2010-06-15Theme Editor: Implemented save/save as in the configuration file editorRobert Bieber5-7/+70
2010-06-15Theme Editor: Added copyright headers to ConfigDocument files, continued work...Robert Bieber2-1/+118
2010-06-15Theme editor: only accept valid colors in the preference dialogMaurus Cuelenaere1-3/+7
2010-06-15Theme Editor: Changed color to colour in preferences. Made parse tree viewer...Robert Bieber13-46/+435
2010-06-14dont reuse vairbale namesJonathan Gordon1-4/+4
2010-06-14some tags need special handling when they are in the wrong branch of a condit...Jonathan Gordon3-4/+65
2010-06-14Theme Editor: Set window title on the preferences dialogRobert Bieber1-1/+1
2010-06-14Theme Editor: Made new tabs raise to forefrontRobert Bieber1-0/+2