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2013-01-15imxtools/scsitools: add support for more commandsAmaury Pouly3-8/+459
Change-Id: Iddff64502ba357dcd36903d31015b9ae2d00ae62
2013-01-10imxtools/nwztools: fix compilation for windowsAmaury Pouly3-0/+20
There is a windows port of the sg_utils library for scsi pass- through. This little changes make it compile under mingw. A better fix would be to implement direct ioctl on both windows and linux but that's already better than nothing Change-Id: I0d77cd1bad69806a66f0590362f165f24fa240e9
2012-12-26imxtools/sbtools: improve sb1 key handlingAmaury Pouly1-7/+12
Change-Id: Ib014a102fe44a67dd256e45e804bca9b5812eb61
2012-12-26imxtools/sbtools: add crypto code for documentation purposeAmaury Pouly1-0/+43
Change-Id: I4f3c659d65c1453b192cbce4bf6c85d882761929
2012-12-26elftosb1: fix usage()Amaury Pouly1-0/+10
Change-Id: I9ce73b907fa6276b9cd1f285156623bdafa6d548
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: implement rom/product/component version switchAmaury Pouly1-0/+51
Change-Id: If3ebae2e60f324c93f85a4f1a6f30257cccb735d
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: fix sb1 product/component version writingAmaury Pouly1-0/+2
Change-Id: I0153192f41ccc5fb98e7e9f6f110d97bd76dbc47
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: "fix" address handling in ELFAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
This is a common problem that proprietary tools don't handle ELF files correctly. ELF sections use a virtual address and the virtual -> physical translation is done though segments. This allows to have a load (physical) address different from the virtual one. Here is the trick: proprietary tools usually don't take the pain to do the translation and just grab the virtual address. This commit implements proper translation in elftosb1 knowing that this introduce a deviation from the behaviour of the proprietary tool. Change-Id: I91721a3a8dead382a0603f84ae3b35c5eb9704eb
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: introduce elftosb1 for stmp36xxAmaury Pouly2-1/+547
The tool still lacks some feature of the proprietary one but can create files with all the basic features. Change-Id: Ib0c91210940ca829291ce70945f88dc510a49974
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: fix some instruction handling & cryptoAmaury Pouly2-8/+17
Change-Id: I6530bdf27896d8325dec4e2ba31c7e6a0131a286
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: add elf function (sort by address)Amaury Pouly2-1/+57
Change-Id: Ib68746e11b43eadbbe0443626d4dc65d998348fa
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: update misc with MINAmaury Pouly1-0/+4
Change-Id: I17daaff068fcd3a8c70c52db5fa209082461173f
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtoelf: use new method to get default xor keyAmaury Pouly1-21/+6
Change-Id: Ie00306a3c78e7490afe9964bd55ce53019e603ed
2012-12-16imxtools/sbtools: implement sb1 writeAmaury Pouly2-16/+181
Change-Id: Ic36d3a8fcf09350dff5988eb860d76eb11608cc2
2012-12-16imxtools/elftosb: remove duplicate includeAmaury Pouly1-1/+0
Change-Id: I34776ba3608bb5d25ce0d0fb3c6f228a4c9effc0
2012-12-14imxtools/hwemul: remove useless code (pwm)Amaury Pouly1-102/+0
The PWM code was for testing only the Zen X-Fi and should be present in general because it could touch pins by error and without producing any result. Change-Id: Id20e2940cd7a057941d241254d0a867f5451e2db
2012-12-13imxtools/sbloader: implement stmp36xx recovery supportAmaury Pouly1-2/+30
Change-Id: I6cfb432cd474ca00d7dff77577c0aa499b78fe2d
2012-12-13sbtools/sbload: prepare support for the stmp36xxAmaury Pouly1-75/+95
Change-Id: I13147009f2573d80c2c3dca2852a6d7b45174e9d
2012-12-13imxtools/scsitool: retrieve the minimum amount of inquiry dataAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
Some device only report the minimum (36 bytes) amount of inquiry data so don't ask for more Change-Id: Ie74d659f6e27b077acba160aeb87d1e7edf82e66
2012-12-13sbootls/rsrc: fix warningsAmaury Pouly1-1/+2
Change-Id: Id756cab14c9151ea74d628d002e1a203c5fbf01a
2012-12-11imxtools: introduce the new scsitoolAmaury Pouly5-0/+475
It appears that all devices based on the Sigmaltel SDK support a common vendor specific SCSI interface when in UMS mode. This applies to the STMP36xx and the STMP37xx. This interface supports many operations: - get device info - get device paritionning - get janus/drm info - read/write/allocate/erase any partition - reset (chip or to updater and/or recovery) This includes the ability to do a firmware upgrade by rewriting the firmware partition. The tool currently does mostly nothing but will be enhanced depending on the reverse engineering efforts and the use of it. It has been tested on the Fuze+ and the Zen X-Fi2/3. Change-Id: Ibd4b2ad364c03ada4f9001573ef4cc87cfb041d1
2012-12-11newtools/scsitool: fix typoAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
Change-Id: I882956c0022db846882c68f8aac7f9d8fe49dfa8
2012-12-06samsungtool: allow firmware creationAmaury Pouly4-1/+229
The new tool fwcrypt can create a firmware image with a specified model, version, region and so on. Change-Id: I0e90e9ab905398a3e7ae3f4fb8b8bbfb2d12d703
2012-12-06rsrctool: improve debug outputAmaury Pouly1-1/+15
Change-Id: I3a4fc048466b9e4d7290237efc1cefb07fd0a118
2012-12-02hwemul: fix code (out of bound access)Amaury Pouly1-1/+0
As noticed by bertrik some code accesses an array out of its bounds Change-Id: I891d0305213ca7081c386b306f87fe9e1ba3b6c5
2012-12-02rsrctool: produce an actually usuable entry list of the rsrc fileAmaury Pouly5-12/+71
Change-Id: I6c8e5f3faf04741e4a13c1e705e9e869ccf8cfec
2012-11-29Introduce samsungtools to decrypt samsung firmwareAmaury Pouly4-0/+353
Samsung provides many firmware upgrade in the format of a .dat file, at least for nearly all YP's (checked for Q2, R0, T10, Z5). This is a simple cyclic xor which a fixed key, a md5 sum and a header specifying the model/version/region. Change-Id: Ib0461a74196383189fd2d8162da444a85a229c60
2012-11-29imxtools: introduce rsrctool to manipulate rsrc sectionsAmaury Pouly4-1/+505
This tool is very preliminary but could be use for whatever purpose since the format of the rsrc sections is now known. By the way it appears that this format is the same as the one use by the stmp36xx for its resources. Change-Id: Idd7057f5cdce5af9726904169bb100c8bacb0981
2012-11-28sbtoelf: add switch to prevent elf simplificationAmaury Pouly1-6/+15
While elf simplification is a powerful tool it can be useful to prevent it from happening for debug purposes. Also add a missing switch description in usage() and missing static. Change-Id: I80a1904dc4340c412bd3de1c124a2e38d6ac11a2
2012-11-28sbtoelf: also simplify elf files for sb2Amaury Pouly1-0/+1
This is less useful is most cases because sb2 doesn't have the size restritions but some elf are produced with one section per file and still yield dozens or hundreds of sections. And this free anyway so we can do it. Change-Id: Ia5ca83a8375063ecc7052d1ea73b2b21c00be730
2012-11-28sbtoelf: implement elf simplificationAmaury Pouly1-0/+90
Change-Id: Icfac5a2aa6a7b3582054321df003c6bb217b59d0
2012-11-27sbtoelf: implement sb extraction for sb1Amaury Pouly3-4/+54
Load, fill and call/jump instructions are extracted as elf files like for sb2. Because of the size limitations of the sb1 instructions, the resulting elf files can easily have hundreds of sections. The (currently) implemented elf simplification method will hopefully reduce this to a few sections only Change-Id: I8fd6ed935ac3128f244bbd71c782e2a0a1c6d44a
2012-11-27sbtoelf: implement sb1 loading and dumpingAmaury Pouly6-30/+240
Implement actual loading of a sb1 file to a structure in full generality. Also implement dumping for debug purpose Change-Id: I320035ea628719480a79aaccb05dce9a83256927
2012-11-27sbtools: add forgotten fileAmaury Pouly1-0/+97
Change-Id: I701a301efa369c9e1247e10d226ba69e6064d1b2
2012-11-26sbtools: add support for the stmp36xx formatAmaury Pouly6-27/+562
The STMP36xx series also uses .sb files but with a different format. The main differences are the encryption and the lack of sections, making it basically a list of commands: fill, load, call, jump, switch mode, set sdram settings. Currently only the sbtoelf has support for the sb1 and can only dump the list of commands. Actual support for elf creation will come later. Change-Id: I1f2e0230c91ac64efd0e8430e0c5212098c599fd
2012-11-14imxtools: introduce hwemulAmaury Pouly26-0/+3829
The hwemul tool is a small binary blob running on the device that can received commands over USB. It is mainly intended to be loaded using the recory mode and allows to read/write registers, memory, use the OTP device, ... The tool is split into three parts: dev/ contains the actual blob (which handles both imx233 and stmp3700), lib/ contains the communication library and can also use the register description produced by the regtools/ to ease register by name, tools/ contains an interactive tool to send commands to the device when running the blob. Change-Id: Ie8cb32e987f825d8ed750d48071e43415b4dacb3
2012-11-14regtools: add the imx233/stmp3780 and the stmp3700 reg mapAmaury Pouly2-0/+22594
These files were produced by parsing some linux and/or sigmatel provided headers and later tweaked by hand or by programs. Each file describes one or more soc. A soc has a list of devices. Each device can either be unique or have several copies at different addresses. Each device has a list of registers which can either be unique or indexed. Each register can further have a list of fields. Registers with a SCT variant are also handled. Change-Id: Ib50bb3fda268b6d5713f81bd8961de7978a5815e
2012-11-14imxtools: add regtools to work with register descriptionsAmaury Pouly6-0/+1188
These tools allow one to read a register description in a XML file and to produce something useful out of it. Three example programs are written: - tester which simply prints the register tree - headergen which produces a set of headers with the #define - hwemulgen which produces something for the hwemul tool (to come) Change-Id: I52573688b29d5faeaf64ce7c5ffe08ee8db3d33c
2012-11-13upgtools: allow creation of a UPG archive + improvementsAmaury Pouly4-43/+320
Change-Id: I9c3e2eb95f7eb6d41591b006328fd720dfcf93a5
2012-11-13scsitools: add nwz firmware upgrade scsi commandAmaury Pouly1-0/+24
Change-Id: Iaebb442611c64fe4d47a07ce3b3d12c3230cafe5
2012-11-13emmctools: add debug statementsAmaury Pouly1-1/+2
Change-Id: I9a15c347cfaab821b0cfc01744c5b6b8267c40ea
2012-11-03nwztools: various fix and enhancementsAmaury Pouly4-17/+71
Change-Id: Iaa89df27b7a0c4eb9fc6603c431de3d1fe791fa1
2012-11-03scsi_tools: add support for nvp readingAmaury Pouly4-7/+315
There is a vendor specific command to read the NVP of the device, including the KAS. The trick is that the data is randomly scrambled using a so-called para_noise array of random values. There seems to be a problem when retrieving large entries (>1000 bytes typically) which causes sg_pt do behave strangely. Change-Id: Iefa6140df78ab9c7dcf7ac34cb1170979123ecd7
2012-11-03Introduce scsitool for sony nwz playersAmaury Pouly4-0/+639
This tool can send vendor specific scsi commands to sony nwz players such as getting serial number, model id, device info, and others. It can potentially be used to get some private keys stored on the device but probably not the KAS used to encrypt firmware upgrades images(UPG). Change-Id: Ia49c1edf8d421b20c4e9afeb1192e00e06eb6047
2012-11-03Introduce upgtools for sony nwz playersAmaury Pouly10-0/+1078
This tool can unpack UPG archives for firmware updates. Change-Id: I32f5f1a84759198c7af4a4ecfd7aa65eaeda567a
2012-11-03Introduce emmctools for the sony nwz players.Amaury Pouly6-0/+1004
This tool is specific to the em1/mp200 sony based players. In deals with raw emmc images (which is possible but hard to get). This tool is also useful as a documentation of the underlying emmc format used for a future port. Change-Id: I66c9b0e47351e5d89f6a404aa62038e00fdc1093
2012-10-30atjboottool: add missing copyright headersAmaury Pouly3-0/+60
Change-Id: Idb2f5e4b0bd6a84bc3eaff088fb4706f46ed1535
2012-10-18rknanoutils: add raw encode mode, add header fieldsAmaury Pouly1-34/+107
The raw encode mode allows to use the raw encode_page routine on any file which proved to be useful. The guessed fields of the headers are based on some rk2918 headers which leaked. They are mainly informative though (date, version, chip). Change-Id: I139ea0c40f76b6dde041c448bbf3e7ecf9cab24a
2012-10-04atj: provide default output prefix/filenames on unpackingAmaury Pouly1-17/+66
If no output prefix is specified, a default is picked: - filename with extension replaced by .afi for FWU files - filename with extension replaced by .fw/ for AFI files - filename without extension and with / for FW files Change-Id: I6497b8f4a49f1238e5db738429f687cad3ae8a5a
2012-10-03Introduce atjboottool for ATJ213x firmwaresAmaury Pouly6-0/+1703
Change-Id: Ie857b82e25de235c8549defab7e75995efefb3f6